What To Know About James Kennedy’S Family And Where His Name Comes From


There’s a lot more to know, but the parents and brothers of the Vanderpump Rules DJ have all made appearances on the show.

James Kennedy has a long history in entertainment: The British-created Vanderpump Guidelines Jacqueline Georgiou, DJ’s mother, was an actress and model. George Michael’s tourmate and music producer, Andros Georgiou, was his father. Though James’ parents made a fleeting appearance on Vanderpump Rules, there is still a lot to learn about the family of the See You Next Tuesday DJ, including his two brothers, Dylan and Harry.

Who is James Kennedy’s mom, Jacqueline Georgiou?

According to Monsters and Critics, James’ mother was a model and actress prior to her appearance on Vanderpump Rules. She appeared in tiny roles in Ray Donovan (2013) and Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (2013), according to her IMDB website.

James and Jacqueline have both been transparent about Jacqueline’s issues with alcohol on Vanderpump Rules. James updated The Daily Dish podcast listeners on his mother’s sobriety struggle in March 2020.

“My mom’s really good,” James said at the time. “She’s still sober. So she has now over a year under the belt, and our relationship is at a high, you know? She texts me every day, we talk every day, we live 10 minutes away from each other, so I like to see her. I treat her for lunch a couple times a week. So, we stay close and our relationship has gone leaps and bounds since I stopped drinking as well, because now that we’re both sober, we’re both counting the blessings together every day and it’s just such a beautiful thing, you know?”

How does Lisa Vanderpump know James Kennedy’s mom, Jacqueline Georgiou?

In January 2019, Lisa shared exactly how she knew James’ parents in an interview with interview with The Daily Dish podcast. She also cleared up a misconception that they were close friends.

“Well, we’re not that close,” Lisa clarified. “It sometimes appears [that way] because of his perception a little bit.”

“I met James’ parents through Bruno Tonioli a few years ago — just before [James] started work for us — who’s the judge on Dancing with the Stars, who’s an old friend of mine,” she explained. “Prior to that, I had met Andros and Ken knew Andros vaguely. I’d met Andros with George Michael and Andros had been around the scene in London, so we knew him a little bit.”

She also shared how James’ parents helped get him the job at SUR. “We had dinner [one] night and they both said, you know, could you give one of my sons, James, a job, maybe as a busser or a barback? He probably — because we’d started Vanderpump Rules by then, I think maybe we were in the first season — thought, ‘OK, I want to get involved in this,’ and obviously then he started sleeping with Kristen Doute, and he was well in there like a rat up a drain pipe.”

Who is James Kennedy’s dad, Andros Georgiou?
James’ father worked in the music industry long before James DJed his first See You Next Tuesday at SUR. Andros was a music producer who happened to be a childhood friend of George Michael’s, and the two toured together until they fell out in 1998, according to The Sun.


Andros and Jacqueline separated during Season 4 and Andros moved back to the United Kingdom following the divorce.

Who are James Kennedy’s brothers?

Harry and Dylan are the two younger brothers of James. They are my closest friends. We still hang out frequently,” James said in a 2017 interview with The Daily Dish. Harry is more of a smart, industrious child. Dylan embodies elements of both. He is an excellent skateboarder and plays soccer. I’m the music kid, too. We all get along well and are fairly creative. “Those two are really cool kids.”

Harry was attending college in San Diego, and Dylan was a high school student in Beverly Hills at the time of the interview. Harry has since joined the SUR busser crew. Though Harry continued in James’ footsteps at SUR, Dylan is the one who genuinely confuses for his older brother the most.

“My little brother Dylan looks so much like me that he gets stopped on Third Street Promenade all the time,” James added. “He’s like a little celebrity himself now.”

Did James Kennedy change his last name?
Yes: James Kennedy’s given name at birth was James Georgiou.

According to Screen Rant, James shares his chosen name with a U.K. singer also named James Kennedy, who once pleaded with Vanderpump Rules fans to stop sending him hate mail meant for the SUR DJ.

Where is James Kennedy from?
James is originally from London, England.

England’s London is where I was born. “My mother is from the United States (New York), and my dad is British,” he said to Heavy in 2014. “I spent my first 14 years of life in London, and then, two years before moving to the United States, my family moved to Ibiza, Spain. Although I could never envision moving back to London, I suppose you could say that I miss it. You would definitely catch me in Ibiza before you would in London if I left California tomorrow.

Recently, James purchased his first house “in the Valley” in Los Angeles where he lives with his girlfriend, Ally Lewber. “It’s a three-bedroom, like, little gray home,” he said on Part 2 of Vanderpump Rules: Pumped Up Edition, a Peacock-exclusive version of the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion. “It’s got a pool in the back. It’s got a dream studio.”

How tall is James Kennedy?
At BravoCon 2023, James revealed his exact height, which is 6’1.5”. “At least I’m not like that 6’2″ guy,” James joked about his very specific height. “It’s a hard 6’1″ and a half.”

“I do think I look better in person than I do on the show,” James added. “I don’t know what the camera does. I’m good-looking, but better in person.”