Married At First Sight Season 17: Why Can’t Clare And Cameron Find A Romantic Connection? (Is Clare Too Critical?)


Clare and Cameron, a married-at-first-sight couple, may be experiencing problems connecting romantically because Clare is too judgmental of them.

Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer, the married pair from Married at First Sight season 17, haven’t been able to connect romantically, and it might be because Clare is too critical of Cameron. Watchers saw Cameron and Clare, who were strangers before their wedding, get to know each other’s social circles. They were drawn to each other and had a great time together at the wedding. Currently, Clare, Cameron, and three other Married at First Sight couples are in Mexico for their honeymoon. They have been making an effort to interact and get to know one another.

However, the pair’s connection was off from the night of their honeymoon, and they have been awkward when trying to find their spark ever since. Clare and Cameron got into their first argument after Clare thought Cameron was being inconsiderate while they were in transit to Mexico. Cameron didn’t help Clare with her big bag because he thought she was independent, and Clare didn’t like that Cameron ran ahead in the airport. These kinds of miscommunications are what have been causing friction in their marriage.

Clare Doesn’t Return Cameron’s Affection

Cameron has been vocal about being someone who shows affection through touch but has complained about getting mixed signals from Clare. Clare said she was open to touch and liked physical affection, but Cameron was apprehensive about touching her because she wasn’t putting out vibes like she wanted to be touched. Clare’s fellow cast mates Becca, Lauren, and Emily pointed out that Clare was not returning Cameron’s affection, which could play into their disconnect. After that, Clare made an effort to return Cameron’s touch, but she does not seem lovey-dovey or smitten by Cameron in a romantic way yet.

If Clare can take Cameron’s lead and lean into his love language more, the duo have a better chance of success. Cameron must also learn the kind of physical affection Clare wants to receive and when she is most receptive to connecting. If Clare continues to remain on the colder side, it could spell continued trouble for her marriage since Cameron feels apprehensive about his physical expressions. Clare and Cameron have not kissed or cuddled since the wedding, and that is going to need to change if they are going to move forward romantically.

Clare Doesn’t Communicate What She Wants

The 28-year-old therapist Clare seems to have carried over her critical treatment conduct and demeanor into her married life. Cameron is frequently asked icy-cold, pointed questions by Clare, who then probes into his answers. She strikes me as being highly analytical and leery of responses and ideas that diverge from her own. When Cameron attempted to clarify that opportunity comes to him rather than having to strive for it with the help of a therapist, Clare took offense and negatively pressed his beliefs. Clare’s critical eye and her belief that holding different opinions was undesirable were both on display in this occasion.

Since Clare never expressed her desire for him to wait up in the suitcase scenario, Cameron was unaware that she needed assistance. It’s starting to become clear that Clare and Cameron don’t communicate well and that Cameron’s lighthearted demeanor doesn’t go with Clare’s serious demeanor. Cameron pointed out to the other guys—Orion, Austin, and Brennan—that Clare was good at expressing her emotions but not so good at telling him what she wanted. Considering how hard it is for him and Clare to fall in love, Cameron’s remark seems accurate.


Cameron Thinks Clare Is Not Willing To Be Uncomfortable

During the group boat cruise, Cameron and Clare seemed like they were growing closer until Cameron pointed out that he didn’t think Clare was willing to be uncomfortable. Clare’s body language toward Cameron grew colder, and she again reverted to asking him direct questions about why he felt that way because she felt the opposite. She won’t look at what she is doing to damper her romantic connection with Cameron and only sees him as the cause for not having that spark.

Clare seems to want control in the marriage, and in doing so, she has become overly critical of Cameron. Cameron keeps trying to advance with Clare, but her rigidity is not conducive to them making progress. Clare will need to be willing to make changes and stop being so analytical if she wants to understand Cameron better.

Clare And Cameron Have Potential If Clare Loosens Up

Cameron and Clare were matched by the experts for several good reasons. Clare asked for someone “goofy,” and Cameron is definitely goofy. Moreover, they both wanted someone independent but could come together as a couple. They wanted stability and maturity in their future partner. Those qualities are there between them, but they are getting tripped up by Clare being unable to loosen up. Clare seems to be focusing too much on what she sees as incompatibilities with Cameron when she should be striving to see everything positive.

During their hangout, Cameron expressed to the other guys his undying attraction to Clare and showed them how committed he is to the marriage. Viewers of Married at First Sight also saw a glimpse of promise in Clare and Cameron’s relationship during their neon painting session, and things quickly became heated when they began hurling paint at one another. They both seemed to be at their best during the cheerful exercise, and they talked afterwards about how they needed more humor. This suggests that there is yet potential for Clare to relax and enjoy their time together.

In the teaser for the upcoming episode of Married at First Sight, Clare will wonder if Cameron will return when he has to visit the hospital in Cancun for an unspecified reason. Following their honeymoon, Clare and Cameron are supposed to move into a neutral apartment and begin to settle into their married lives. They will attempt to develop together as they are progressively acquainted to one another’s lives. Eight weeks pass during the Married at First Sight experiment before Cameron and Clare have a final Decision Day to determine whether to stay married or file for divorce.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST.