Tom Schwartz On How Katie Maloney Reacted To Winter House Romance With Katie Flood And Where They Stand As Malia White Suspects He’S “Still In Love” With Ex-Wife


Malia admitted that his “harping on about his ex-wife” got annoying after declaring that she was “definitely rooting” for Schwartz and Flood.

She clarified, “[He] can move on respectfully.” That is possible to accomplish. However, I believe that everyone found the name thing to be really bothersome.

Despite their “roller coaster” of a season three and Schwartz’s occasionally irritating antics, Flood claimed that “everything’s fine” between them at the moment.

It seems like a lot of people believe it to be this huge deal. Good vibes are here,” she said. We’ve spent some time together. We have sporadic conversations. Nothing negative exists there. We enjoyed both the moment and the experience.

While Schwartz insisted that he and Maloney had a “very healthy, amicable separation,” he admitted there were “a few bumps along the way,” seemingly signaling to his behavior with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, on Pump Rules season 10.

“But for the most part, it’s all love with me and Katie and I’m always rooting for her. And she’s crushing life right now. It makes me happy to see her just thriving,” he added.

As for Flood, he had just as kind words.

“She’s obviously beautiful, on the surface,” Schwartz noted. “But she has a great sensibility. She’s self-deprecating, she’s really funny. And she’s got a lot of humility, too. We kind of got a little spark going and we had some chemistry.”

Regarding where their relationship stands today, Schwartz said he believes they are “really good friends.”

“We haven’t like friend-zoned each other, we stay in touch,” he stated.

Also during the interview, Schwartz addressed the fact that both he and his business partner Tom Sandoval, 40, are currently single, saying that he isn’t allowing his castmate to set him up on any blind dates.


Schwartz remarked, “Tom knows I don’t like being set up.” “I am naturally opposed to it in some way.”

Then, Schwartz stated that he would look for “someone who just gets Tom Sandoval” if he could put Sandoval on a blind date. since he isn’t suitable for everyone.

In the meantime, Malia and Flood discussed Schwartz’s reluctance to enter into a serious relationship with Flood during the third season of Winter House in a different interview.

Malia stated to Us Weekly on November 21 that “I do think he is still in love with his ex-wife.”

But Flood disagreed.

“I don’t think it’s that,” she replied. “I think he’s done a lot of things in that relationship [with Katie] that he knows put her through a lot, and I think in his mind he was like, ‘OK, this is going to be on TV. She is going to see it.’”


“They’d obviously filmed [Pump Rules] a couple of months prior and we obviously saw what happened last season. So I think that was in his head,” Flood continued. “He was trying not to disrespect [his ex-wife] or do something to her.”

According to Flood, her flirty relationship with Schwartz seemed to begin after a “cute little grocery trip together” that included an in-depth discussion.
“One thing that really stuck out to me, he was very honest about where he was at, what he had done,” she said. “He spoke about his marriage. He spoke about things that maybe weren’t the best things that happened in his marriage. So he was really open from the get-go, and he also never threw Katie under the bus to me.”

“He’s cute and he has this really likable energy. It was just like a little crush,” Flood added, stating that Schwartz’s honesty was “really attractive.”

Winter House watchers may have noticed, but Schwartz couldn’t stand it when Flood and Maloney shared the same name for the entire season.

To be honest, I wasn’t very bothered by it at first. All of us knew exactly what he was going through. I was attempting to really hold space for that, be sensitive of him, and show him some politeness because there was a lot going on in every aspect of his life, Flood said. However, it undoubtedly reaches a breaking point and becomes somewhat unpleasant.

Schwartz was “always talking about trying to respect his ex-wife,” she added. “I do have feelings, and it was getting a bit exhausting to keep going through this circle, and I felt a bit disrespected.”

Malia admitted that his “harping on about his ex-wife” got annoying after declaring that she was “definitely rooting” for Schwartz and Flood.

In her own words, “[He] can move on respectfully.” It is feasible to achieve it. But I think that everyone was extremely bothered by the name issue.

Even with Schwartz’s often aggravating antics and their “roller coaster” third season, Flood insisted that “everything’s fine” between them right now.

It appears that a lot of people think it’s such a big issue. I get good vibrations here,” she remarked. We’ve had some time to ourselves. Our conversations are not frequent. There is nothing unfavorable there. We relished the experience as much as the moment.