Victor Cassadine’s Shocking Exit On ‘General Hospital’ Revealed


Actor Charles Shaughnessy of General Hospital stated that he has finished playing Victor Cassadine and received an amazing send-off. Here is the most recent information regarding Vic’s future. Don’t forget to watch the final video, too!

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Victor Cassadine Exits General Hospital – May Sweeps Mayhem?

Hey GH soap fans. This is with breaking news on GH comings and goings that you have got to hear. Of course, this exit is something that you probably knew would come eventually, but you might not have known how quickly it happens.

We are talking about Victor Cassadine. And we have got confirmation directly from the actor about his exit. Now let’s dig into this big news. So, GH actor Charles Shaughnessy revealed the shocking truth that Victor Cassadine is leaving the ABC soap soon.

So, if you were expecting Victor’s reign of terror to continue, it seems like it’s all about to be over, at least according to the actor playing the villain on GH. Now, I will say this — most of us didn’t expect Victor Cassadine to stick around forever.

Villains usually don’t last indefinitely on any soap opera. But it surely seemed like lots more story to unfold on General Hospital. But we are speculating.

While he didn’t list a date, we’re speculating here at Soap Dirt that his final scenes will be in May sweeps. That kicks off on April 28th, 2023.

Charles Shaughnessy Confirmed Cassadine Exit from GH

Now let’s dig into exactly what Charles Shaughnessy said when he confirmed the exit. So, Victor Cassadine actor Charles Shaughnessy dropped the exit tidbit in response to an accolade about his acting work on GH.

And in doing so, it seemed he leaked the info that the Cassadine villain is already done at the Soap Opera. After Soap Hub recognized him as a performer of the week, he replied.

Shaughnessy said: “I am both honored and humbled. Thank you. I have been so grateful for such a fun, meaty role, and the writers at General Hospital are giving Victor one of the greatest villain send-offs I can remember.”

And we do have to agree. It’s been a fun, meaty role.

Victor is somebody who’s terribly, terribly bad and he seems to be a true villain. One thing that Charles Shaughnessy didn’t mention was his exit date. But he does confirm the “great villain sendoff”.

And since he knows all about it, that means it’s already filmed. That means he is done at the soap. Again, we’re expecting this to come as part of May sweeps on General Hospital, which is in two weeks.

Victor Holds Lives in His Hands on General Hospital

Victor is now holding his ex-girlfriend Liesl Obrecht captive. Along with Spencer Cassadine, his great-nephew, and Little Baby Ace Cassadine. Trina Robinson is also a stowaway on the Haunted Star, of course.

Then last week, Victor performed a villain monologue in which he claimed he would employ a pathogen to wipe off a sizable portion of the population in an effort to save the world.

He thinks he’s being benevolent. The end justifies the means and all that. But Liesl told him he was crazy. And more than crazy, this plot feels a little recycled.

Let’s think about this. ABC owns General Hospital and Disney owns it all. It’s all the same family. And under the umbrella of ABC, Disney owns all of the Avenger movies.

Did you see the Avengers: Infinity War? Does it sound familiar? That a big bad guy is going to do something to kill off half of the population to try and make the world better. Yeah. So, this is basically Victor being Thanos.

So, it all feels very recycled in a way. But at least he doesn’t have a gauntlet with a glove to snap. If you’re not a Marvel nerd, sorry about that.

General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer & Trina Plot Against Victor

Now, at this point in time, Victor Cassadine feels like he’s in control of his destiny. He has this plan for the whole world. He’s got the people with him that he wants to keep safe on the yacht.

Of course, he doesn’t know that Trina is there conspiring with Spencer to stop him. “Sprina” as we like to call Spencer and Trina, have this plan on General Hospital.

They’re gonna mess with the engines on the yacht to slow it down or hopefully stop. It’s on the path to the Cassadine lair in Venezuela. Spencer and Trina hope that will buy them some time for someone to find and get them away from Victor Cassadine.


Now, brand new General Hospital official spoilers for next week, confirm that Trina succeeds in making trouble in the engine room. Although she might not get away with it scot-free because we figure the goons are probably gonna grab her.

But if she did her job right, then they could be slowed down to the point that rescuers could find them. Later next week, official spoilers say that Victor is furious to learn that his plans were thwarted.

Victor Cassadine Exits — Arrest, Escape or Someone Kills GH Villain?

With Charles Shaughnessy confirming his exit as Victor Cassadine, really that leaves us with three basic options for how they are going to exit him on General Hospital. Victor could leave as he’s locked up by the WSB or the PCPD.

Victor could get killed and leave GH in a body bag. Or he could escape. Those are all viable options. Those are really the only three options.

Now, there are plenty of people in Port Charles who would gleefully put a bullet in Victor. Chief among them is Valentin Cassadine, his son. After Victor shot Anna Devane, if his son was face-to-face with Victor right now, there seems little doubt what he’d do.

Valentin would put a bullet right in his dad for hurting his soulmate. But there are other people involved and there’s a collision course of characters coming together, as we have Helena Cassadine coming back.

We have Holly Sutton coming back, and we have Tracy Quartermaine coming back. So, all this is on this big dramatic collision course to its conclusion. And we also know that Helena’s reappearance will be during May sweeps.

And so we have a feeling that it’s all gonna come together at the same time when Victor exits and Charles Shaughnessy ends his run on General Hospital. Right now, we expect the yacht to be slowed up on its path to Venezuela thanks to Sprina plotting.

Vic’s Enemies on Collision Course on ABC Soap Opera

We know that Felicia Scorpio is in Venezuela following up on the hunch she told Laura. Holly Sutton is also on the run because she’s heard that’s where her son, Ethan Lovett, is being held by Victor.

And so these two are gonna run into each other in Venezuela. And so we expect the big conclusion to all this may come at the Cassadine lair there, although it may just come down on the Haunted Star.

We’ll have to wait and see because we’re still waiting for details. And of course, there’s so many people gunning for him. Sonny Corinthos wants him dead.

Everybody that loves Willow Tait wants him dead because Liesl can’t give her bone marrow for the dying girl. Liesl herself would gleefully kill him to stop him from releasing this pathogen. Spencer is about ready to throw his great-uncle off the boat.

Trina would probably help and if the WSB catches up, they’ll be gunning for him violently because of what he did to Anna. It seems like the clock is running out.

How Should Victor Cassadine Exit General Hospital?

What do you want Victor to experience? Additionally, since the Cassadines are so adept at escaping, I would personally prefer to see Victor succeed. Additionally, we hope he returns someday to threaten people.

Although a lot of people would like to see him dead and gone, it seems pretty likely that he could die, but just because he’s shot and seems dead… If it goes down that way, does not of course mean he’s dead.

Because he’s been dead before and low and behold, he came back. So, what do you think Charles Shaughnessy confirmed Victor Cassadine’s exit. And they film General Hospital episodes about a month ahead of when they air.

So, it looks like we could have anywhere from two weeks to four weeks more based on the notion that Charles Shaughnessy confirmed that he’s done.

And we still expect this all to wrap up by a week or two into May sweeps. So maybe we have a month of Victor left, maybe a little less. We’ll see. What do you think?