Trust Me: What Alexis Davis Should Do About Gregory On General Hospital


Who will help Gregory make the best decision on GH?

Alexis Davis was sure that she knew what was wrong with Gregory the moment she saw him sway and slur his words on General Hospital. He was obviously drunk! Trust Alexis. She’s an expert in reading people!

General Hospital Polling

Now that Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) knows that she was wrong, that Gregory (Gregory Harrison) wasn’t drunk, and that he was recently diagnosed with ALS, what should the woman who has never been able to keep another person’s secret do with this secret? Over 3,000 fans have some advice for her.

GH Little Nudge

Alexis should do the same thing she did when she found out that Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) was lying ’bout Leo, and blab to Finn (Michael Easton), 7% advise. OK, she can be more discrete about it this time. She can sort of sashay by him and whisper in F inn’s ear. Maybe he’ll think the lizard said it. The point is, Alexis should absolutely get involved in this private family situation.


General Hospital: Grow Up, Alexis Davis

On the other hand, 21% of the audience would really love for Alexis to grow up and get over her urge to tattle-tale. She should keep quiet and let Gregory handle his family situation himself. He should decide what to tell Finn and Chase (Josh Swickard) and when to tell Finn and Chase. Alexis can follow his lead. Because he’s the one who is actually sick.

GH: Push and Shove

Alexis shouldn’t run to Finn and Chase herself, 72% of you concede. But she should push Gregory to do it on his own. He’s sick. He’s not thinking straight. He doesn’t know what’s best for himself and his sons. Not as well as Alexis does. Remember when she thought she knew that Gregory had a drinking problem and would let a little detail like Gregory not actually having drunk anything dissuade her? Well, this is the same thing.