Star Wars Fans Are Totally Crushing On The Acolyte’s New Sith Lord After Episode 5


The Sith Lord of Star Wars: The Acolyte has at last been revealed, and his reception is certainly warmer than what many may have expected. After a brutal Jedi massacre, the Sith Lord’s mask is heavily damaged before he kills Jecki Lon (Dafne Keen), unveiling Qimir’s (Manny Jacinto) face. While Qimir has long since been the obvious choice for the identity of the mysterious new Sith Lord, the official reveal of his identity is still a shock, particularly because of one unexpected factor: the attractiveness that has many viewers crushing on him already.

Even amidst the darkness of The Acolyte episode 5, audiences are confessing how they feel about Jacinto’s Sith Lord. Known for his role of Jason Mendoza in The Good Place, this role is quite different from anything Jacinto’s done before, and it’s taken viewers by pleasant surprise. Qimir may be ruthless as a Sith Lord, but audiences are willing to look past that in light of Jacinto’s performance.

The obviousness of the Sith Lord reveal doesn’t matter to itsthenatv, thanks to the fact Jacinto is “hot” in the role. Presumably, neither does the murder of several Jedi, but the collective crush on Anakin Skywalker has already proven that this is something audiences can get past.

Though lyviescott is openly confessing the constant increase of Qimir’s attractiveness, they’re also acknowledging the price viewers have had to pay for it. The pain of the Jedi’s deaths proves this was quite a high price, but… maybe it was all worth it for Manny Jacinto.

A fuller review has been shared by michaelrxs, though the clear highlight is their appreciation for “Manny Jacinto’s biceps and beautiful face” – and “a bunch of Jedi getting slaughter.” Apparently, the Sith Lord’s costume showing off Jacinto’s biceps was worth the pain of that slaughter.

According to stoneydubb, the murders don’t have to stop with the Jedi. They have become an eager volunteer to be split in half, much like the Sith Lord’s unique lightsaber.
Most importantly, ahsokasgoggles is proposing the question that all Star Wars enthusiasts must ask themselves: how should Jacinto’s Sith Lord be ranked amongst the others, in terms of hotness? They have answered that question already, and they’re absolutely correct. He certainly deserves to be in the running for the top spot (sorry, Anakin).


Was Manny Jacinto’s Sith Lord Reveal Too Obvious?

Perhaps, But Jacinto’s Performance Makes Up For It

Star Wars audiences may now be crushing on Jacinto’s Sith Lord, but that still doesn’t erase the fact that this reveal was utterly obvious. Many thought Qimir would be a red herring, but instead, The Acolyte has taken the same path that Star Wars did with Palpatine in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. The obvious choice became the right choice, and while that may be unsatisfying for some viewers, Jacinto’s performance makes it worth it.

The actor’s eerie shift from the playful Qimir to the terrifying Sith Lord proves he’s an expert at his craft, making The Acolyte episode 5 one of Star Wars’ most horrifying additions – if not its more horrifying. With three episodes left in The Acolyte season 1, Jacinto will have plenty more time to shine, especially since his Sith Lord has survived. Qimir’s reveal as the Sith Lord may have been obvious, but if The Acolyte has proven one thing, it’s that viewers should be prepared for any and all kinds of twists in the future.

The Acolyte episode 5 is now streaming. New episodes release Tuesdays on Disney+.