Love Island USA: Hannah Smith Was First To Be Eliminated (Will She Be Missed?)


Hannah Smith from Love Island USA was the first to be eliminated from the villa, and it was unclear at first if the remaining islanders would miss her warm and uninhibited energy. During the most recent recoupling ceremony in Love Island USA season 6, episode 10, Hannah became single. She was eliminated after becoming the last woman left standing, shortly after Serena Page was chosen by Kordell Beckham. Hannah was then given 30 minutes to pack and say goodbye before needing to leave the villa and her new friends behind.

Hannah coupled up with Kendall Washington during Love Island USA season 6, episode 1, which seemed to be a harmonious pairing until Kendall became disinterested with Hannah and dumped her in order to match with Nicole, one of the villa’s newest bombshells. To be fair, Hannah did make Kendall second guess his feelings for her after she expressed interest in Hakeem White, whom she kissed instead of Kendall during the “Vacation Vixens” challenge. After the breakup with Kendall, Hannah became a target for Andrea Carmona, Nicole Jacky’s best friend in the villa.

Andrea Made Fun Of Hannah’s Athleticism

There Was Some Mean Girl Behavior Going On

After being left single, Hannah sought to gain the attention of the villa’s newest bombshell, Miguel Harichi, whom almost all the other women in the villa also found appealing. During episode 10, Hannah decided it would be wise to try and exercise with Miguel in the morning, making him laugh with her rudimentary knowledge of proper form and technique and general athleticism. Miguel found Hannah’s charm endearing, telling her that he liked the sound of her calling out his name as she struggled to keep her composure throughout the physical challenges.

Andrea and Nicole, on the other hand, did not seem to enjoy Hannah’s public display of interest in Miguel, and promptly made that very clear to one another. While watching Miguel and Hannah work out, Andrea and Nicole were captured laughing together as they criticized Hannah, saying it was crazy because that was probably the first time Hannah had ever worked out in the villa. Although Miguel ended up coupling with Liv, Andrea’s comment still felt like a mean-spirited and unnecessary display of solidarity for Nicole’s relationship with Kendall.

Kordell Chose Serena Over Hannah

Did Kordell Make The Wrong Choice?

No one chose Islander Kordell Beckham during the initial coupling ceremony, but eventually he did couple up with Serena despite not having much of a connection with her. They eventually split when Serena decided to pursue other connections, and the other islanders reminded Kordell of this, claiming Serena had “done him dirty” and that Hannah would therefore be the wiser choice. Kordell ignored his friends’ advice and decided to couple up with Serena anyway, which may or may not come back to hurt his chances of finding love in the villa.

Although Kordell seemed to overlook Serena’s interest in Miguel, he would have had to do the same with Hannah, who was also interested in the new bombshell. It is reasonable to assume that Serena was only interested in pursuing Kordell as a way to stay in the villa, but Kordell leaned optimistic by concluding that they perhaps had a chance to revisit their former connection. This didn’t seem to have much to do with Hannah or Kordell’s opinion of her character, but more to do with Kordell’s pre-existing comfort with Serena.


Hannah Had A Gut Feeling It Would Be Her

No One Wanted To Be The First To Leave

Shortly before the recoupling ceremony in episode 10, Hannah sat down with Kordell to discuss her fears about the upcoming elimination, admitting that she felt it was likely to be her. Kordell assured Hannah that he felt she was very cool, and she seemed grateful for the reassurance, but that did not promise a connection which might save her a spot in the villa moving forward. Hannah was prepared for the worst, knowing that Kordell and Miguel had other connections which might prevent her from being chosen at the last moment.

No one wanted to be the first to leave, but most of the other women felt secure enough in their connections to know that they would not be going home. Andrea had Rob, Nicole had Kendall, Leah had Connor, JaNa had Hakeem, and Kaylor had Aaron, winner of The Traitors UK season 1. With Liv & Miguel’s match coming as a surprise, and Kordell & Serena’s match being the last deciding factor, Hannah did not seem blindsided by the turn of events. She kept her composure and handled herself with dignity and confidence as it became clear that she would be leaving.

Most Of The Islanders Seemed Sad

Almost Everyone Cried As Hannah Left

Once it was announced that Hannah would be eliminated, she received a text saying: “Hannah, you are single and therefore dumped from the Villa. You have 30 minutes to pack your bags and say your goodbyes #GoneGirl.” Once Hannah read the text out loud, the islanders were quick to jump up from their seats and run over to her, offering their condolences as many of them began to shed tears. Leah in particular seemed heartbroken over the villa’s loss, after having gotten close with Hannah during her time on the show.

Hannah’s former partner, Kendall, said that she was one of the coolest girls he had ever met, and that everyone in the villa adored her. JaNa followed Kendall’s lead, saying that Hannah’s departure was devastating because she brought an energy into the villa that everyone would miss dearly. Even Andrea and Nicole appeared to be disappointed as Hannah danced for all the girls in their make-up room one last time. So ultimately, it became clear in the end that Hannah’s presence on Love Island USA will be missed.