Doctor Who Lied – There Wasn’t A Twist At The End


Doctor Who consistently lied to fans when promising a twist at the end of season 14. The debut season of Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor has reached its finale, bringing disappointment with it. Season 14 followed the Doctor and their companion, Ruby Sunday, who had a mysterious background on which everyone became fixated. Ultimately, Doctor Who revealed Ruby’s biological mother as a normal human named Louise Alison Miller.

After all the buildup and promises made, this Doctor Who reveal underwhelmed fans, who took to social media to express their dissatisfaction. The identity of Ruby Sunday’s mom isn’t the problem itself, but the numerous promises Doctor Who made surrounding this mystery and the finale. Unfortunately, Doctor Who cheated viewers.

Ruby Sunday’s Mother Wasn’t The Huge Twist Doctor Who Promised

The Identity Of Ruby’s Biological Mother Didn’t Pay Off Any Teases

Within the show, Doctor Who built Ruby Sunday’s mother into a huge twist. RTD gave Ruby the ability to produce snow, defeat Maestro, and change her own timeline without consequences. Additionally, the expert on finding family members couldn’t find a single relative for Ruby, indicating she wasn’t an ordinary human. However, none of these teases paid off in the end.

Outside of the show, the Doctor Who showrunner also made unmet promises. Leading up to the finale of Doctor Who season 14, RTD made big promises related to Ruby Sunday’s mother in an interview with Screen Rant that “Big answers are on their way. Shocking answers.” This is in addition to his hint that Ruby Sunday’s story is related to The Timeless Child, indicating that the reveal would be related to the show’s lore or the Time Lord themself.


Unfortunately, RTD’s promises also make no sense, given Ruby’s mom is an ordinary human. If a character on Earth looks and acts like a human, the most logical conclusion is that they are a human until given a reason to think otherwise. Nothing is shocking about that. Moreover, besides the Doctor and Ruby Sunday being foundlings, nothing connects the reveal of her mother to the controversial Doctor Who storyline.

Doctor Who Season 14’s Finale Lacked Any Major Twists

The Doctor Who Season Finale Failed To Answer Questions That Could Suprise Viewers

The lack of twists at the end of Doctor Who season 14 isn’t limited to the mystery of Ruby Sunday. The finale doesn’t pay off the mysteries of Mrs. Flood, Meep’s boss, or the Master’s golden tooth. Moreover, the Doctor beat Sutekh and saved everyone who died. Even though “The Legend of Ruby Sunday” ended with a “to be continued.” there was no question that the Doctor would fix everything by the end of the final episode. Ultimately, Whovians have been robbed by Doctor Who’s empty promises and an entertaining, albeit frustrating-to-watch, finale.