Should Brook Lynn Quartermaine Reunite With Chase On General Hospital?


Is this GH couple destined for a happily ever after?

Once upon a time on General Hospital, Brook Lynn Quartermaine and Chase were a happy couple. They were even a pretend family for a while with baby Bailey. But then storm clouds appeared. Brook Lynn wanted Chase to be a singer. Mostly because that’s what Brook Lynn was before her throat was slashed, and, well, living vicariously through your partner is not a great look. Chase, alas, did not want to be a singer. He wanted to be a cop.

General Hospital Polling

So Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) made it harder for him to stay a cop. Chase (Josh Swickard) found out and dumped her. Now they’ve spent the past few weeks tip-toeing around each other like they’re both back in high school and are about to start passing notes back in forth. (Or would that be passing texts back and forth now?) Should this couple reunite and put us all out of our misery? We heard from over 2,000 of you on the issue!


GH: Too Far Gone

Too late, 15% of the audience shrugs. What started out as sweet and adorable is now awkward and ridiculous. They are supposed to be adults. It would be nice if they acted like it. Spit out what you mean, or move on. And since you can’t, then you’re clearly not ready for a grown-up relationship.

General Hospital: Brook Lynn Quartermaine At Grandma’s House

Now that Tracy (Jane Elliott) is back, 26% of voters expect her to knock some sense into her granddaughter and the cop, who obviously loves her but can’t admit it. Tracy should tell both Brook Lynn and Chase to get over themselves and get on with it. Tracy isn’t a young woman. She doesn’t have time to waste.

General Hospital Cute as Button

They’re adorable, 59% coo. They belong together, and you don’t care how long it might take. You intend to be there for them every step of the way!