Sailing Away: Will GH’s Trina Robinson Forgive Portia When She Returns?


Can this GH mother and daughter find common ground again?

Trina has stowed on board the yacht taking a kidnapped Spencer, Ace, and Leisel somewhere deep into the Atlantic Ocean on General Hospital. But, eventually, she’ll be back on dry land.

General Hospital Polling

And in the same town where her mother still lives. Once they’re reunited, will Trina finally forgive Portia for lying about Trina’s paternity? What over 2,000 viewers expect to see happen:

Trina Robinson: Forever and a Day
Nope, 5% dismiss. After the kind of whopper Portia (Brook Kerr) told, Trina (Tabyana Ali) should ice her mom out indefinitely. Portia didn’t feel the need to mention that Taggert (Real Andrews) might not be Trina’s father? That her new husband, Curtis (Donnell Turner) might be? Trina should not need to tell Portia where she’s been, whom she’s been with, and why the spontaneous three-hour boat tour.

General Hospital: The Greater Enemy

Meanwhile, 25% say Trina can take care of herself for now. However, if, once she returns, Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) is still a major threat to her and Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), then maybe Trina ought to resolve her conflict with the woman who truly loves her, so they can both be safe from the man who hates them. Portia may have lied, but she will still protect her baby girl – to the death!


GH: All Is Forgiven

After what we expect Trina will go through trying to rescue Victor’s hostages, 70% figure, by the time she sees her mom again, holding a grudge will be the last thing on Trina’s mind. This spontaneous excursion will really help put Trina’s priorities in order. She will realize that not only Portia loves her, but so do both of her potential dads. And she’s going to need them. She’s going to need her family. Even if Victor is no longer a thorn in their sides, there will still be her complicated relationship with Spencer. She’ll need her mommy for that.