RHOBH: How Kyle Richards Has Changed For The Better Since Mauricio Umansky Split


RHOBH star Kyle Richards has changed a lot since she and her husband Mauricio Umansky decided to split earlier this year. But was it for the better?

Since Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills announced their separation earlier this year, Kyle has undergone positive change. The devoted homemaker from Beverly Hills acknowledged that she and Mauricio had split up in July 2023. Since there have been rumors about Kyle and Mauricio’s split for a while, the news wasn’t as shocking. Instead of spending as much time with Mauricio, Kyle began to surround herself with her friends. It was even speculated that Kyle had an affair with her friend, country singer Morgan Wade, as she was spending more time with women.

Even after Kyle and Morgan immediately refuted dating rumors, speculation about them persisted. Viewers will witness the consequences of Kyle and Mauricio’s relationship later in RHOBH season 13, and they will also talk about the rumors involving Kyle and Morgan. Since the first few RHOBH seasons, Kyle and her life will undoubtedly receive greater attention in the upcoming season. After all that she has been through in the past year, fans are eager to see how it all works out. It’s possible that Kyle has improved as a result of their relationship’s difficulties thus far.

Kyle Is Working Out More

Around the time Kyle and the rest of the ladies filmed the RHOBH season 12 reunion, Kyle admitted that she had put exercising at the forefront. At the time, Kyle was going through a lot with her older sister and former RHOBH friend of Kathy Hilton. During RHOBH season 12, Kathy was accused by Lisa Rinna of saying incredibly terrible things about their cast, especially Kyle, even claiming Kathy wanted to ruin Kyle’s family. They didn’t speak for a very long time, which Kyle was hurt by. At the same time, Kyle and Mauricio began going through their relationship woes. However, she channeled her pain into exercise.

It seems Kyle may have realized that life isn’t what she thought it would be. She and Kathy were in such a great place before, and she never thought it would go back to the way it was. Same with her relationship with Mauricio; she thought he was her fairytale. Despite these hardships, Kyle is literally in the best shape she’s been. She exercises daily, as seen on the most recent RHOBH episode, and she eats better. Sometimes change does a person a lot of good, and it clearly worked for Kyle.

Kyle Is Sober Now

Not only did Kyle seemingly start exercising shortly before the downfall of her marriage, but she also got sober. Kyle realized that drinking didn’t benefit her in any way, so she decided it was best for her to completely quit drinking. Kyle was never one to overdrink in the first place but did see some aspects of herself when she would from last season that she didn’t like. This made Kyle realize that alcohol isn’t something she needs in her life.

Although the exact date of Kyle and Mauricio’s marital problems is unknown, it appears that her sobriety helped her recognize that her marriage was no longer what it once was. Bravo’s “it” pair, Kyle and Mauricio, gave off the impression that they would never break. But over the past year, being sober has transformed Kyle and made her realize that she needed to make some adjustments, one of which was to her marriage.


She Isn’t Letting Anyone Walk All Over Her

Kyle has always been kind of a pushover when it comes to her family, but since her split from Mauricio, Kyle isn’t going to let anyone tell her what to do. Since Kyle’s marriage fell apart, she began to realize that she couldn’t let people walk all over her anymore. It wasn’t helping her mentally or emotionally, so Kyle started to not care what people thought anymore.

Kyle always let her sisters walk all over her and tell her what to do, and it was only hurting her emotionally. She clearly got tired of being like this after a while, and her separation only made her realize this more. Kyle is her own person and won’t let her family or husband walk all over her anymore.

Kyle Has Become More Headstrong
Since her separation, Kyle has become more independent of Mauricio, allowing her to be more headstrong. Even though Kyle and Mauricio have a great life together, Kyle wants to do her own thing without her husband. As fans have seen from Kyle over the last year, she has started hanging out with her girlfriends a lot more, including Morgan, whom she’s rumored to be having an affair with. However, Kyle doesn’t care what the public thinks and is going to do what she wants.

Even her new tattoos, which she talked about in a few episodes of RHOBH season 13, are a product of Kyle’s new headstrong persona. She’s becoming somewhat of a rebel, and that includes getting cute little tattoos. Mauricio even said she’s getting too many now, but she doesn’t care. It’s Kyle’s body, and she will do what she wants with it.

She Is Focusing More On Herself

Since her split from Mauricio, Kyle has been focusing on herself more than ever. From working out to getting sober to an attitude change, Kyle is all about taking care of Kyle. While her kids have always been her number one priority (and always will be), Kyle is putting her wants and needs at the forefront now. She always made sure her kids and Mauricio were taken care of, and she was last on the list. Now that all of her kids are grown, and her marriage to Mauricio is most likely ending, Kyle is ready to focus on her wants and needs.

According to RHOBH season 13, Kyle and Mauricio had already split up before they made the announcement in July—or at least, Kyle felt that way. She and Mauricio are not linked in their marriage, as she stated on the show. It remains to be seen whether or not they will reconcile. Still, Kyle has improved since she and Mauricio began to have marital problems. Perhaps Kyle ought to be single at this point in her life.