NCIS: Hawaii Season 3 Gets Filming Update From Star Following Actors’ Strike End


Star of NCIS: Hawaii Noah Mills provides an enlightening update on the third season of the spinoff, stating that the actors strike is now over.

Star of NCIS: Hawaii Noah Mills provides an update on season three following the conclusion of the actors’ strike. With the conclusion of NCIS: Los Angeles earlier this year and the launch of the foreign spinoff NCIS: Sydney, the venerable CBS mainstay is currently undergoing a transition. As it moves into its third season, NCIS: Hawaii strikes a medium ground by welcoming back LL Cool J as Sam Hanna from the Los Angeles-based spinoff.

Mills, who plays Jesse Boone in NCIS: Hawai’i, spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the progress of NCIS: Hawai’i season 3 with the actors strike reaching a tentative end. Mills shared a specific date of December 4 for the beginning of filming, noting that things will start up again fairly quickly. In the quote below, Mills also talks about his excitement over LL Cool J joining the series:

It’s all pretty quick now, I think. Tentative like Dec. 4. We start shooting, and you know we have such a great crew and such a good machine over there going from the first two seasons that we can be up pretty quick.

Do you have me fooled? I can’t wait. Really, I’m going to be hanging out with LL Cool, J., I think. My collaboration with him was on The Mothership, an NCIS crossover. He’s an accomplished actor who exudes coolness and a powerful presence. He began telling me stories about how, when he was sixteen, he used to go to Studio 54 in New York. He’s completed it. Thus, I’m ecstatic. He’s just one of those folks who’s extremely curious about me and our relationship in Hawaii, you know. A heavyweight is on the way. Thus, it will be fantastic.


NCIS: Hawai’i Season Recruits Sam Hanna, But There Could Be More

The rescue of Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) is the main subject of the first part of the NCIS Hawai’i season 2 finale. Tennant had all she needed to get away from her captors previously. However, Hanna’s well-timed sniper shot contributed to Tennant’s safety. Then, while on the phone, the two converse for a little. Tennant thanks her, but Hanna dismisses it with a careless smile. He maintains that he was “just going about his business.”

The NCIS Hawai’ characters end their call with Hanna offering to help Tennant if she ever needs it. Hanna also mentions the fact that he was close enough to Tennant’s location in Venzula to assist as the sniper. As the Hawai’i episode concluded, there was the suggestion that Agent John Swift (Henry Ian Cusick) might be the one to ask for Hanna’s help as a way of occasionally involving the Los Angeles vet. This sets up LL Cool J’s involvement in the NCIS Hawai’i cast moving forward, with the veteran performer expected to appear on a recurring basis.

There might be other returning characters in the group besides LL Cool J. Considering that the LA spinoff ended because it got too expensive for CBS, Hanna may be joined by other well-known characters, allowing their tales to continue without the financial restrictions of an established series. As recently as July, Daniela Ruah stated that she would be willing to return to NCIS Hawaii as Kensi.