NCIS: Los Angeles Spoilers: What To Expect In Season 14, Episode 18 (Preview)


Kilbride has a promotion for a member of the team in NCIS: LA Season 14, Episode 18. Here are all the NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers you need for the episode.

There’s a new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles this Sunday, and you can certainly tell the series is getting ready to finish the story. Multiple characters are thinking of their futures right now.

In the new episode, Kilbride has an offer for a team member that he may or may not be able to pass up. While it is only temporary for now, we all know that if you do a good job in a temporary position, you stand the chance of getting it full-time in the future.

NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers: 14×18 promo

Take a look at the promo for the episode. It doesn’t tell us much about the episode except that someone has stolen a lot of pesticides to build a bomb. Fatmia makes it clear that this bomb will be big, so the team needs to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.


NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers: 14×18 synopsis

The synopsis goes into a little more detail about the case. A Navy reservist is killed and his lab has been ransacked. Who wants to create the comb, and why?

As the case goes on, Kilbride wants Sam to take over as interim operations manager. This is a big step up, but is Sam interested in it?

Then there’s Rountree who needs to think about his future. Is his life with the team, or should he look elsewhere in law enforcement? Is this even what he wants to do for the rest of his life?

Check out the synopsis for the episode:

The NCIS team must investigate when a Navy reservist is stabbed and his lab full of pesticides and insects is ransacked; Kilbride offers Sam the interim operations manager position; Rountree thinks about his future.