‘NCIS’ David McCallum Celebrates 55th Anniversary With Wife Whom He Can Dance With ‘For Hours’


David McCallum and Carpenter met the same year when McCallum separated from his first wife, Jill Ireland. McCallum lost Ireland, to Charles Bronson, a co-star. McCallum and Carpenter took an instantaneous fondness to one another and started dating after their initial meeting. The duo got married later on.

McCallum has constantly been open about sharing images of his wife on his social media accounts, but one specific shot was treasured by his admirers.

In the photograph, on the left side, you can see a black and white image of two young persons on the road. You can see a photograph of McCallum and his partner smiling at the camera on the right side. This photograph was exclusive since the left side of the image was a snap from the day that McCallum and Carpenter first chanced. It is a shot of them running without looking at the camera. The right side displays the same duo, in the same spot, only five decades afterwards.

The duo met in 1965 while doing a photo shoot and Carpenter was 21 at the time and McCallum was 11 years elder than Carpenter. When the pair started dating, McCallum was not yet divorced and was still wedded to Ireland.

Carpenter now s upports McCallum with his charitable things and raised up her lovely family. Carpenter and McCallum are parents to two children, Sophie and Peter.


The pair have so deeply in love with one another for several years that they rejoiced the maker of “NCIS’” 80th anniversary in Montecito by dancing together for hours.

The pair sustained their association without worrying about what public said. Their marriage ritual was a low affair.

McCallum is generally silent about his family on social media, but he has shared several snaps of Carpenter and himself with her.

One such picture that McCallum shared was on the pair’s 50th marriage anniversary. The pair is seen encircled by a band and McCallum shared the image with a legend explaining that he believed it was a beautiful way to spend their 50th marriage anniversary.

Though the pair relished their eventful professions, they trimmed back their everyday jobs and started concentrating more on the family as they turn out to be older. McCallum is a grandad to 8 grandchildren of his broods from his first wife and Carpenter.

Speaking about his grandchildren, McCallum admitted that he didn’t like being termed a grandad. He enjoys spending time with his companion, his broods and all of his grandchildren as he rejoices a life full of quest and accomplishment together with his wife of 55 years.