Mauricio Umansky Clarifies Details Of Separation From Kyle Richards: “Giving Each Other Time”


Plus, see how Kyle and Mauricio’s daughters are handling the former RHOBH couple’s separation.

In the weeks since the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and revealed that she and her partner, Mauricio Umansky, are split, a lot has been said about their relationship. In addition, RHOBH Season 13 is presently focusing on the marital problems of the ex-couple.

Let’s just say that it can be challenging to stay up to date on the most recent developments regarding the two. But on the Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast episode from November 16, Mauricio corrected the record. Continue reading to find out what Mauricio had to say about his breakup with Kyle.

What It Means for Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky to Be “Separated”
Mauricio Umansky Clarifies His Relationship Status

Both Kyle and Mauricio have made it clear that they’re “separated,” and during his most recent podcast appearance, Mauricio elaborated on what he meant by that.

He remarked, “Everyone wants to know about my marriage; you know, we’re just regular people, and I do too.” “We’re normal human beings going through a struggle, we’re going through issues like everybody else does.”

“There’s no playbook for how to deal with it,” Mauricio continued. “We’re humans, and it doesn’t change on a daily basis. If we’re separated that means we’re giving each other time to allow things to happen.”

Why Kyle Richards Is Not Using the Word “Divorce”

Kyle also set the record straight on her and Mauricio’s separation at BravoCon 2023. More specifically, on BravoCon Live, Kyle explained that she previously “misspoke” on the BravoCon 2023 carpet. “Two times, I had to correct someone when they said ‘divorce,’ I said, ‘separated,'” Kyle said. “And then I went and said it, and then it went everywhere, so that was my bad. We’re still amicable.”

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s Relationship Today

Kyle made her marriage announcement during an October WWHL show, prior to BravoCon 2023. When Andy Cohen questioned Kyle about “the driving force” behind their breakup, he replied, “I would say it originated from me.” Yes. It did.


Nevertheless, despite having distinct bedrooms, the two are still residing under the same roof. “I let him stay in the primary bedroom ’cause it’s very, like, masculine,” Kyle said. “And the upstairs floor is, like, the glam area and there’s a bed.”

How Kyle’s Family Is Handling Her and Mauricio’s Separation

As for how Kyle’s family — including her four daughters, Farrah Brittany (who Kyle shares with ex-husband Guraish Aldjufrie), Alexia, Sophia, and Portia (who she shares with Mauricio) — is dealing with the separation as well as “the rumors and speculation” surrounding it, Kyle said, “When the news first came out, it was really, really devastating for the whole family. I mean, our phones were blowing up, my kids were just crying and wouldn’t leave the house, and it was really, really difficult.”

“But now, they’re much better,” she continued, “and they’re really strong and they’re they’re just so together and so smart and they’ve been my best, best, best friends, and I could not be more proud of them. They’re just amazing human beings, and thank God I have them through this.”

Mauricio, Farrah, Alexia, and Sophia at The Agency’s Forum 2023
Mauricio is also spending plenty of time with his daughters. He was joined by Farrah, Alexia, and Sophia at The Agency’s annual forum, which kicked off on Nov. 13. Alexia shared photos of her and her sisters with their dad at the event to her Instagram Stories on Nov. 17.

Paired with an emoji of a mug of tea, Alexia captioned the pics, “Umansky TEAm.”