Married At First Sight’S Mark Kiley Says He Was ‘Mis-Sold A Dream’ As He Returns To Work After The Show


Married At First Sight star Mark Kiley, 36, has revealed he was ‘mis-sold a dream’ and is back at his old workplace after taking part in the reality TV series. Viewers saw Mark marry Sean Malkin, 31, on the show, however their relationship quickly fizzled out and the couple split during one of the dramatic dinner parties.

Mark has verified that he is back at the company he used to work for after quitting MAFS, stating that he “wouldn’t have bothered with the show” if he had known what to expect. “I thought I’d be living the high life, going to events, doing lots of Instagram stuff, and that life would be better after being on the show,” Mark admitted in an interview with The Sun. I feel as though I was misled about a dream.”

The groom continued: “If I had known I’d only be there for such a short amount of time I wouldn’t have bothered. My match wasn’t ready for a relationship and I’ve had to go back to my old workplace.”

Mark also admitted that he has not kept in touch with Sean and has unfollowed him on Instagram. During the interview, Mark revealed his current employment situation, stating:


“When I went on the show, I quit my job and I missed a prepaid holiday that I spent £1,700 on. I left everything to do this, only to come out with nothing.

“I know it was my choice but it felt like I was mis-sold this dream that it would work and I would say goodbye to my normal life.

“Before I thought ‘This is great, I could have a husband and a better career’ but now I don’t have either. It seems like it was all just talk and I was promised a lot more than I was actually given.

“Luckily my old workplace took me back but not with the same role. I’ve had to take a pay cut to come back because they had already filled my position.”

In response to Mark’s statements, a Channel 4 spokesperson said:

“All contributors are thoroughly prepped for the experience of being on Married at First Sight UK, a prominent TV reality series.

“We stress to all cast that the series should not be seen as a vehicle to gain fame or celebrity and warn against unrealistic expectations of this nature.”

This month, Married At First Sight came to a conclusion following weeks of drama and pair switching. Only three couples remain together at this time: Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle, Tasha Jay and Paul Liba, and Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau. Additionally, despite appearing on the show at various periods, it was recently disclosed that Matt Pilmoor and Shona Manderson are dating.

The early 2019 release date of the MAFS reunion episode means that fans won’t have to wait too long. The attendance of the following cast members at the reunion has been confirmed: The following people: Matt Pilmoor, Paul Liba, Peggy Rose, Rozz Darlington, Shona Manderson, Tasha Jay, Jay Howard, Jordan Gayle, Laura Vaughan, Ella Morgan, Erica Roberts, Georges Berthonneau, Adrienne Naylor, and Wade Wilson.

Luke Worley’s withdrawal from the reunion special following his altercation with Jordan Gayle was already declared.