Mafs’ Jack Millar On The Importance Of His New Podcast Mind This Space As He Tackles Being A First-Time Father


Jack Millar of MAFS discusses the value of his brand-new podcast Mind This Space and his experience as a first-time father.

For Jack Millar of Married At First Sight, it’s been an eventful year. He became a father for the first time and is now launching a significant business endeavor.

Early in November 2023, Jack and his partner, Courtney Stubbs of Love Island, welcomed their daughter Penelope.

While Courtney was busy cooking up Penelope, Jack has been keeping busy too, working on a new podcast called Mind This Space, which focuses on mental health and the wellbeing of young men.

“It’s a space where me and my guests talk openly, without judgement and also with a bit of fun. The subjects we cover are important to young men, their partners, their friends and their families,” Jack said of the 9Podcasts project.

“I’m 28, a new dad, and I want to learn from the experiences of people I admire.”


Jack announced the release of the most recent episode of Mind This Space on social media, but he had to keep quiet because he was carrying a baby named Penelope.

“I can’t talk too loud because I have a sleeping baby,” he said to his supporters.

However, Penelope woke up weeping a few seconds after Jack spoke too soon.

“While I deal with this, you go listen to that [the podcast],” Jack continued.

The new dad is adjusting to life as a father, he took to his Instagram stories to share how he’s dealing with a very common parenting problem – sleep deprivation.

“This little girl has some explaining to do. Sleeps like a gem during the day, then enjoys singing and dancing all night long,” he captioned a picture of himself and a sleepy Penelope.