Mafs Uk Star Erica Celebrates Relationship Milestone With Jordan


Erica and Jordan from Married At First Sight are looking for a property together in Manchester. In an exclusive interview with Yahoo News, Erica Roberts of MAFS UK said that she and Jordan Gayle are going house searching. She stated, “Our relationship is a lot better since coming out of the show.” Since being on the show, the reality star—who has been named a BPerfect Cosmetics ambassador—has shared how Married At First Sight completely transformed her life, adding, “I came out with a man and a best friend.”

They are one of the success stories from Married At First Sight. Refreshingly, Erica revealed her romance with Jordan had blossomed without the cameras around and the other Married At First Sight couples surrounding them. She told Yahoo News: “We would love to move to Manchester. I’ve only been a couple of times but I think it’s an amazing city and it’s not as far away as London and it’s close to Sheffield.”

Of their relationship, she added: “It’s probably a lot better since coming out of the show because you don’t have the cameras, you don’t have the stress of the couples around you.

“You can do what you want. You’re in the real world, you’re not in that MAFS bubble.

“We’ve just been going from strength to strength and we’ve barely spent any time apart, to be honest, we spend a lot of time together, between Edinburgh and Sheffield – and we went on holiday! It’s just been good.”

Another milestone is on the cards too as she joked the couple are prioritising sorting out Jordan’s hair. She said: “I’m gonna make a joke here but I think the next milestone is to sort Jordan’s hair. We are gonna cross that bridge and then we are gonna start looking for apartments in Manchester.

“We have an agreement about his hair.”

At first she admitted she said to Jordan: “Do people even care enough about your hair?” But the video has more than 110,000 likes on social media and now fans of the show are waiting to see Jordan’s haircut.

MAFS kiss rumours

Since making a commitment to one another during the vow renewal ceremony and deciding to give their love a try in the outside world, Erica and Jordan’s romance has blossomed. However, when rumors of a kiss started circulating among the Married At First Sight UK couples, their romance did take a turn for the worse during the reunion. Speaking about it now, Erica said she was “hurt” and “triggered” to learn that Jordan had not returned the kiss when he was kissed by a lady on a MAFS lads’ night out.
Looking back at the screaming match between Erica and Jordan on the show, she said: “You see me go crazy.” She added: “It was hard because you have the outside noise of the cast and I really had to try and put things into perspective.

“You see me kick off and scream and shout and I’m triggered. And I think even outside of the experiment, I probably would have reacted in that way as well because I just felt so hurt and embarrassed by the situation.

“But when I took the time to think about it and even like the next day at the ceremony, I’m a lot more calm. Yeah, I’m still hurt but I did have time to really think about the situation without the cameras, are everyone else putting their two pence in and it kind of made me think as well.”

So she slept on it. Erica has now said she realised there were couples who wanted to “ruin” her relationship with Jordan and she wasn’t going to let it happen.

She said: “The night out that happened was six weeks before the reunion. You’ve all been sitting on this information.

“You’ve all known that this thing has happened six weeks ago and not one of you have bothered to address it or tell me or give me a heads up and it did kind of feel like it was very manufactured that someone in the group or a couple of people in the group had manufactured this and blown it out of proportion and made it seem a lot worse than it actually was.

“That’s why I was so calm the next day at the commitment ceremony because I was like, I can’t give them what they want and what they do to clearly ruin this relationship and we’re better than that.”


Jordan and Luke’s MAFS fight

Erica had no qualms pointing out that Luke was one of the stars who tried to influence her over the kiss rumours but it didn’t make the final edit of the show.

“Luke came over to me at the dinner table and started trying to feed me stuff about Jordan but you don’t see this on camera,” she said.

“He did try to start to feed me things about Jordan saying, ‘He did do it.’ Luke wasn’t even there on that night out. I was just like, ‘Please don’t speak to me.’ I think he is messy and he knew what he was doing.”

Of course fans of the show remember Luke was kicked off Married At First Sight with his partner Jay after he hit Jordan.

“It was really awful,” she said. “We never said they have to leave. It was never up to us. It was the channel and the footage that happened when Luke came in that got taken to like the highest of highs of Channel 4 and it had to be them that made that decision

“Obviously I do think it was the right decision and the channel were amazing. They were very supportive. They did listen to us and listen to how we felt. It was just awful.”

While Erica doesn’t want an apology from Luke after what happened, she said her love Jordan plans to settle his feud with him in a boxing match.

“Jordan and Luke wanna sort it out in other ways,” she said. “They’re planning a boxing match. They have got a venue and the press conference, they’ve got that sorted.

“So it’s just about signing contracts now. They’re definitely wanting to settle this the correct way.”

Showbiz career after MAFS

Erica has set her sights on a future in the spotlight after Married At First Sight, having secured a position as a brand ambassador for BPerfect Cosmetics. The TV personality shared all of her great news and her aspirations for her career. “I’m just so happy to be working with the brand,” the woman exclaimed.

“I’ve been using this amazing brand for a very long time, and I also use it on the show. However, it is my sincere desire that we can work together to develop our relationship with the company.

“I might even be able to work with them on my own edit one day. That would be so wonderful. I would love to do it.”

Working alongside her fellow MAFS star Adrienne Naylor, she opened up about their sisterhood. “Adrienne is my sister, I love her so much,” she said.

“So when we both found out that we were doing the ambassador role, we were so excited and whenever she has a win, that’s a win for me.

“I couldn’t have been happier for the both of us! The fact we get to do this together is 100 times better. It is so much fun to do this with your best friend. I came out with a man and a best friend.”

MAFS editing

With their rise to fame overnight, there has been a lot of speculation about Erica and Jordan’s romance. They faced bold claims from MAFS viewers that they were “paid actors” on the show. “That wasn’t the case at all,” she explained. Instead, Erica highlighted the importance of making a late entry to the show.

“It appeared as though we had come in to stir things because we arrived late,” the woman stated. It wasn’t at all what others who had said “Oh my God, they’re definitely paid actors” meant.

“We had new eyes on the situation. Since we hadn’t established any friends, we couldn’t be prejudiced.

“We expressed our opinions when asked, and frequently, people found it upsetting to hear it. I get it; I understand. They are not interested in listening to what others have to say.”