‘Married At First Sight’: Orion & Lauren Have Tense Conversation About Intimacy


On “Married at First Sight” this week we saw couples navigating some murky waters on their honeymoons.

Clare and Cameron have been having communication issues in past episodes, but now they are hoping to bond while letting out their inner artists. And it does seem like their paint session got things flowing!

They’re willing to keep trying to make things work, and opened up to each other about how they’re feeling.

Emily is an all in type of girl, she went from never being in a relationship to being married to Brennan – and she’s trying to take things slow in order to make things work with him.

Later, Emily faced a hair raising situation, literally, when she got her tresses distressed out in the ocean – and ended up having to get them chopped off!

Brennan and she became close because of how they both handled the awkward circumstance.

Austin and Becca are still too adorable! When they reconnected with the group, Austin admitted that he had not wanted to hurt the guys’ feelings by downplaying how wonderful their relationship was.


After a heated fight in the last episode, Lauren and Orion are still figuring out how to manage this kind of issue. After exchanging some words, they decided they wanted to resolve the issue amicably and take lessons from it.

Lauren says she wants to make sure in their relationship going forward, even when they have disagreements that they talk it through and be there for each other no matter what.

Later they had a conversation about the last time they had been intimate with someone and Orion revealed it had more than a year for him, and seemed shocked about Lauren being with someone two months ago.

She seemed taken aback by his reaction. He was really unhappy and said that what she revealed meant intimacy is now “off the table” for them, which she was visibly shocked to hear him say.