Married At First Sight’S Jordan Exposes Rival Luke Who He Says Has ‘Infuriated E4 Bosses’


Star of Married At First Sight UK Jordan Gayle, who dated Erica Roberts, talked about the impending reunion special and the reason Luke Worley isn’t allowed. Watching the drama unfold on this year’s season of Married At First Sight had viewers on the edge of their seats.

A show centered around love and friendship descended into physical altercations and sour arguments between competitors due to personality conflicts and unfounded rumors. Jordan Gayle, who was paired with Erica Roberts, struggled since he and his spouse joined the experiment after the deadline.

Jordan, 26, had multiple disputes with the other couples as he had no issues with sharing some hard truths about their connections. However, things took a turn when he and Erica told Jay what Luke said about her, causing her to flee a dramatic dinner party in tears. Hours before, Luke had asked the grooms if they would rob a bank if they knew they would get away with it – seemingly referring to cheating – after he clashed with Jay saying she wouldn’t care if he got a girl’s number on a night out.

After Jordan filled Jay in on what her husband said, Luke accused Jordan of trying to ‘sabotage’ his rel ationship with her. It resulted in chaos as Luke approached Jordan and Erica’s apartment to sort things out.


Things got physical as he hammered Jordan’s door down before shoving him into the wall and landing a couple of punches. Security got involved and Luke and Jay were promptly removed from the show and he was later banned from the reunion special.

Luke held a grudge against Jordan and spent weeks throwing jibes about the Sheffield-based star. He even appeared on a podcast to discuss his dislike of Jordan and accused him of cheating on Erica – which counted as a spoiler from the show as the false infidelity claims were discussed during the dinner party reunion.

Luke’s attendance at the reunion special, which will air in several months, has been prohibited due to the physical altercation and constant taunts. Jordan has since talked about his interaction with Luke and the reasons the Essex native was not allowed to attend the function with his co-stars.

Jordan provided the following explanation in an interview with The Mirror: “He claimed that he was excluded from the reunion due to the way he was acting toward me—you know, accusing me of cheating, giving spoilers, and claiming, ‘I’ve done this, I’ve done that,’ which wasn’t true. And that was prior to the reunion that was depicted on television.

“So with the spoilers and stuff, he really annoyed people at Channel 4 and stuff.” Although Luke wasn’t at the reunion, he still had a huge influence on it, ‘frustrating’ Jordan.

He said: “Somehow he managed to worm his way in and in effect the reunion. That’s what happened frustratingly, it still shouldn’t have happened. But I believe that you’ll see it on the reunion in a few months’ time, I don’t wanna give too much away. But I basically didn’t have a great time at that reunion.

Furthermore, I believe Luke played a role in it. He somehow made an impact on it. Being fair is incredibly frustrating.”

Luke reacted to the assertion that he “annoyed” the executives of Channel 4. He sent us a statement that read, “Jordan is once again making statements about other people’s businesses without providing any supporting evidence. We have a great deal of mutual regard for one another, and I have talked with the show executives about what the future holds.

“I look forward to working with them again in the future and thank Channel 4 and CPL Productions for the opportunity. The future is looking positive and I will be forever grateful.”