Tom Schwartz Reacts To Backlash After Reuniting With Sandoval & Jax Taylor At Schwartz & Sandy’S As Schwartz Says They’Re Getting “Band Back Together”


On Thursday, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz had a great time out at their bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s, in Franklin Village with Jax Taylor. The Vanderpump Rules stars got back together for a set of Instagram images, months after the venue was inundated with threats of boycotts and negative Yelp reviews because of Sandoval’s shady relationship with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, which continued for months behind Ariana Madix, 38.

In the caption of a photo posted to his Story on November 23, which featured him and Sandoval, 40, sitting with Jax, 44, between them, Schwartz, 40, wrote, “Got the band back together.”

In another image, which was captioned, “Happy Friendsgiving,” the three men were seen with a friend.As Pump Rules fans well know, Sandoval’s affair with Raquel sparked major backlash against Sandoval, and some of that backlash came from Schwartz and Jax.

In addition to Schwartz revealing that he was taking a break from their years-long friendship, and admitting he felt “exploited” by his Pump Rules co-star, Jax shamed Sandoval over his secret romance with Raquel on a number of occasions.

When Sandoval brought up Raquel during one of his performances back in June, Jax called him out on Twitter, calling him “disgusting” and “disturbing.” He then threatened to “go after” Sandoval “for how he’s treating his friends and my manager.”


According to Jax, “I think he’s going through something,” Us Weekly said in July. “It’s hard to call it a midlife crisis, but he’s clearly experiencing something.” He seems to have adopted a bit of a diva mentality while filming the show, believing that nothing can really touch him. In my opinion, he may have overreached himself.

But after admitting Sandoval showed a “lack of empathy” when he cheated on Ariana, Jax confirmed in October that they were back in touch.

Although the Toms and Jax seemed to have a fun night with one another, Schwartz returned to his Instagram Story hours after sharing his photo to confirm that his online audience didn’t react well to their reunion.

“I just glanced at my DMs, maybe we shouldn’t get the band back together,” he stated.

Prior to reuniting with Jax on Thursday, Schwartz was treated to a special birthday surprise by Sandoval in October as the two of them shot their Pump Rules season 11 intros.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is set to premiere on Bravo in January 2024.