Kyle & Mauricio Get Into Heated Argument After His Mom Questions Kyle Over Split Rumors, And Pk Calls Out Dorit’S Controlling Behavior, Plus Sutton Seeks Help From Matchmaker


This episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills appears to be primarily focused on relationships. Kyle is having trouble with Mauricio, while PK tries his best to show Dorit how much he cares on their anniversary by pulling off an extravagant surprise. Garcelle is upset over her parenting, and Sutton is desperate for love—as long as it happens on her terms. All this bunch needs to loosen up and have fun is a quick trip to Vegas to celebrate Crystal’s birthday, provided everyone behaves themselves.

Dorit arrives at her little picnic set up by her picnic planners (who knew that kind of job existed?!), and Erika joins her. Dorit explains that she needs to have a one-on-one with Erika after briefly discussing the BravoCon “splitsville comment.” Dorit is mainly confused as to why she had to ask Erik for an apology, and Erika claims that the comment “literally popped into her head” and she said it (what happened to filters?). Only now, in this instant, does Erika realize she owes Dorit an apology.

Dorit opens up to Erika about her difficult year with PK and shares how she didn’t feel supported and connected with him. She lets Erika know that they were in a rough spot in their relationship, and so Erika’s comments hit her particularly hard.

Dorit tells how her purse was taken straight out of her shopping cart as she went shopping with $10,000. Dorit’s worries were triggered by the video surveillance showing her being followed around the store by three men who were preparing to rob her. This brought up memories of the home invasion and post-traumatic stress disorder. Erika regrets adding to her friend’s problems by saying that she and PK would break up, but that they would later reconcile over an embrace.

Sutton phones her bestie, Garcelle, and they discuss their upcoming Vegas weekend for Crystal’s birthday. They have high hopes of getting Crystal’s “stick out of her a*s” for her 40th,” and Sutton is hopeful that she can start fresh with Crystal after their challenging year.

The dating apps are not working for Sutton, and so she has decided to bring in the big guns: a well-known matchmaker. As Sutton discusses her divorce, which happened seven years ago, she shares how she doesn’t tend to click with people, and although she has had many first dates, she does not usually get asked out a second time. Sutton admits that she likes telling other people what to do, and as she describes her ideal partner, she tells the matchmaker that they can discuss the wealth aspect later (wink wink). Sutton’s goal is to get a second date with a tall man, who also happens to be loaded… is that so hard to ask?!

Crystal is out to lunch with her husband and brother, Jeff. He is essentially the “Bieber of China” and is a well-known pop star there. Crystal explains that three years ago, her brother was engaged. When the pandemic hit, Crystal and her mother begged them to come to the United States. Crystal’s brother came, but his fiancée could not because she did not have a U.S. passport. Ultimately, they broke up, and Crystal feels like her brother puts a lot of the blame for his failed relationship on her.

Jeff explains that he is eager to find love after being alone for two years. He wonders what would happen if he brought home someone who is 20 years younger than Rob and Crystal. According to Crystal, the woman wouldn’t have an issue with it if she were as wise and mature as she was 20 years ago.

Dorit is picked up by Kyle in her $165,000 Range Rover. Kyle has a new attitude and some new wheels. Unbeknownst to Dorit, Kyle is complicit in an anniversary hoax whereby PK has Dorit watch a somewhat dubious remake of the movie Pretty Woman as a celebration.

On the way to the unknown destination, Dorit asks Kyle point blank if something is going on in her life because she has felt some “heaviness” coming from Kyle. Kyle explains that Mauricio is really stressed at work, and Dorit wonders what’s going on, considering they haven’t seen them out as a couple in a really long time. Kyle lets Dorit know that she needs a little freedom and space from Mauricio… her husband. Kyle sort of evades Dorit’s questions, and after some prodding, Dorit decides to back off after letting Kyle know she can always talk to her.


Garcelle arrives at Sutton’s for some lunch and tea… drinking and spilling. Sutton explains that the idea of “letting a man lead” in a relationship is really hard for her to fathom. Sutton’s newly regained power is something she is holding tight to, and so it’ll take someone really special to help her relinquish control.

When Sutton asks Garcelle what’s new in her life, Garcelle begins crying because her son Jax asked to live with his father. Garcelle is beating herself up because she feels as though Jax thinks she is doing it all wrong, and so she feels like a failure as a mom. Garcelle is aware that quality time is necessary, but so is making sure her son feels seen. Garcelle and Sutton connect on many things, but mainly over being single moms.

In the meantime, Kyle and Dorit roll up to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, leaving Dorit perplexed about the destination. After basically spelling it out for her, Dorit realizes that this is supposed to be a recreation of Pretty Woman, but Dorit is having a hard time with the lack of control in this situation.

Side note: When PK said, “Maybe the biggest surprise would be if Mauricio would ever do that for” Kyle, my jaw dropped. Talk about shade. WOW.

When Dorit’s stylist enters, she begins to lighten up a bit, and she goes back to the old Dorit, worried about bronzer. Kyle leaves Dorit to it, and she glams herself up for PK, her Richard Gere. PK meets her in the bar, bestows a $5 million (rental) necklace, and then surprises her further with a duet singing a song from Top Gun… not Pretty Woman, but who’s checking, amiright? Over some caviar, Dorit reflects on their difficult year, and then the romantic surprise goes sideways. She lets PK know that this is not a “fun” surprise, and she blames it on her anxieties and control issues. Dorit is less concerned about the big gestures and more concerned about PK stepping up with the kids and everyday issues.

Can we all agree that Mauricio needs to stop calling Kyle “love bean?” Kyle explains that they have not been in sync as a couple, and Kyle believes that the Agency is taking priority as the “other woman.” Despite the rocky marriage, that doesn’t stop them from celebrating Porta’s 15th birthday. But when Mauricio’s mom, Estella, confronts Kyle to ask about their marriage, things get weird. Kyle explains why she was seen without her ring in paparazzi pics and blames the lack of ring on lifting weights, but you can see her physically pulling away from Mauricio as he tries to put his arm around her.

Later, Kyle pulls Estella aside to let him know that she got tattoos — like a rebellious teenager would — and spills that Mauricio has one, too. Kyle lets Mauricio know that she told his mom (what are they, seven?), and Mauricio can’t believe that Kyle would out him like that. This is a very chaotic scene between the birthday cake and Kyle trying to stir sh*t up with Mauricio about his tattoo. He abruptly tells Kyle he doesn’t want to talk about itm and Kyle points out the problems they continue to have.

On the day of Crystal’s trip to Vegas, Kyle has given the women monogrammed luggage (along with PJs). In celebration of Crystal’s birthday, the entire gang gives her a necklace, and Erika has organized a Magic Mike performance for Crystal or for herself. When they arrive at their hotel’s Palace 2, they find it to be exactly that—a 15,000 square foot palace. Naturally, Sutton dispatched her “people” to take possession of most of the closet, leaving Garcelle with only a corner to unload.

Four hours later, the Magic Mike show is making everyone very uncomfortable, particularly Sutton. Something has set her off, and she storms off, acting like “Judge Judy.” What could have happened to have caused this behavior??