Is Elizabeth Leaving General Hospital?


General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that the world of Port Charles is about to experience some significant narrative twists. Since 1997, Elizabeth Webber has been a recurring character on the program and has a rich history there. Rebecca Herbst, an actress who is beloved by the audience, has played the part largely over the years. Could Elizabeth please leave the small town now, please?

Elizabeth Webber’s History With Port Charles

Just over 26 years ago, Elizabeth first appeared in GH storylines. She visited her grandparents and was Audrey Hardy’s (Rachel Ames) granddaughter.

She was a bit of a difficult and rebellious youngster when she was younger, in contrast to Sarah Webber (Jennifer Sky), who was much more sensible and sensible.

Liz eventually turned into a heroine, largely because of her romance with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and her love story with Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson).

Still, over the years, she’s been a part of many interesting storylines, including one where the character was sexually assaulted, helping her husband Lucky deal with his drug addiction, her parents brainwashing her to forget (accidentally) killing Reiko Finn (Mele Ihara), and many others.


Fans Were Outraged When She *Almost* Left In 2011

In early January 2011, ABC announced that they had fired Rebecca Herbst from GH, and her exit was imminent.

Still, fans can be a strong force to be reckoned with, and protests from viewers had the network backtracking on its decision about a month later.

Herbst was hired and returned to the set later that year even though Martha Madison (Days Belle Brady) temporarily filled the part.

Herbst and Elizabeth Webber aren’t likely to be leaving Port Charles anytime soon. Ms. Webber has established herself as a main character in the little community and on the show as the head nurse of General Hospital.

One never knows, though, as daytime shows occasionally manage to surprise viewers with shocking fatalities and “accidents”.

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