Inside Crystal Kung Minkoff’S Marriage To Rob Minkoff: “Best Decision I’Ve Ever Made”


Crystal and Rob first got together at a friend’s party and have been married for 16 years. Some people are heartless; one such person is Crystal Kung Minkoff, a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who frequently expresses her emotions about her partner on social media. Her most luscious and joyous posts celebrate her marriage to Rob Minkoff, co-director of the 1994 box office hit The Lion King.

She’s said that being married to him was the “best decision I’ve ever made.” “The most enchanting evening of my existence,” was her reflection upon their union.

Clearly, the Bel Air-based couple, who marked their 16th wedding anniversary on September 29, are a super tight couple. Learn more about their relationship now.

When did Crystal Kung Minkoff and Rob Minkoff get married?

Crystal and Robert wed in 2007 at the Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu. Rob previously post an Instagram photo about the wedding, featuring of the two of them beneath a canopy of white flowers.

“How lucky can one guy be?” reads his post.

By the time the married, they’d been dating for nearly five years — and the wait was intentional, Crystal told The Daily Dish. The couple had met at a birthday party and spent their first date at the premiere of Finding Nemo.

“Well, it was almost like he went all out.” For him, however, it was a premiere and a task; he goes and observes and helps his friend, but for me, it was, as you can imagine, amazing—a premiere. That was a lot of fun, then. Not only was it the first time I’d attended one, but we also had a rather smooth dating experience. I was still in school, though. He was aware that I might have gone to anything, [left] California, or attended medical school, so he wasn’t ready to commit to me until after. Thus, we simply kept quiet,” she remarked.

She described the wedding as an “over-the-top” event, one that “really incorporated our cultures and backgrounds.” (Rob grew up in a Jewish family in Palo Alto, Calif. Crystal is the daughter of first-generation Asian immigrants and was raised in Northridge, Calif.)


Crystal Kung Minkoff and Rob Minkoff’s Family

Today, Max, a son, and Zoe, a daughter, are Crystal and Rob’s two children, and they both have demanding jobs. 2022 saw the publication of Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank, which he recently produced and directed. On the other hand, according to the website, Crystal is a co-founder of Real Coco, which produces “the tastiest coconut products on the planet.”

Rob supported Crystal wholeheartedly when she was a Season 11 rookie on RHOBH in 2021. Crystal posted on Instagram about her new TV endeavor, including a picture of a lovely bunch of flowers and a message from her husband that said, “They’re gonna love you.” nevertheless, not to the same extent as I do.

Social media adoration keeps on coming — from both spouses. On August 10, she trumpeted his birthday with gusto.

“Happiest of birthdays to the most special human on the planet, [Rob Minkoff]! You are our rock, our best friend, our biggest cheerleader, and certainly my favorite social media photographer,” she wrote.

On September 29 each year, both post odes to their wedding anniversary. Rob’s 2023 post reads, “Sweet 16! Married to this gorgeous woman. Lucky me.” He sealed the post with a heart.

Crystal’s 2023 post was accompanied by a RHOBH clip of Rob dancing.

“There’s no better day than to throw it back to one of my very favorite moments from #rhobh! Today is my 16th wedding anniversary to Hip Hop Rob! Love this man and all his moooovessss,” she wrote, punctuating the post with a dancing man emoji.

To see more of Crystal and Rob, watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, airing Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.