Hot Take: Blue Bloods Should’ve Ended With Season 13


No fan wants to see their favorite TV show go away. You connect with the characters, get invested in the story, and feel a sense of stability knowing the exact days the next episodes will be released.

Our favorite shows become an integral part of our lives, and saying goodbye to them can be very difficult.

At some point, however, it becomes necessary. Pretty much everyone would agree that there’s nothing worse than a show being dragged out for more and more years for nothing but money.

It’s sad, but TV history has seen enough examples to know when it’s time to stop. For Blue Bloods, fans believe the end should have come in season 13.

Although the show was picked up for another season, it was anything but easy for the cast and crew.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, each of the producers and all of the cast members agreed to take a 25% pay cut just to make season 14 happen.

However, the majority of viewers think they should have saved themselves the trouble.

It’s safe to say that the season 13 finale was pretty disappointing for fans. It just didn’t have half as much of the suspense and drama that they were hoping for and somewhat expecting.


By making the season finale so boring, the writers and showrunners just further proved that Blue Bloods doesn’t need any more screen time.

Rather than spend a lot of time, energy, and money producing a whole separate season, fans would be happy to accept an ending in season 13, but one that does justice to the show and makes sense.

To make season 14 interesting, the Blue Bloods showrunners would have to come up with something significant enough to shake things up, but something that could easily be wrapped up within the season.

All signs point to season 14 being the last for the show, so leaving it on a cliffhanger would be distasteful.


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Just as it would be tacky to turn it into a multi-episode farewell party.

Whichever way Blue Blood goes with season 14, we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, there is no official news about the season’s production or release date, so stay tuned for more!