GH Star Denise Alexander Pays Tribute To Late Jacklyn Zeman


GH’s Denise Alexander remembers the late, great Jacklyn Zeman.

Dr. Lesley Webber and Nurse Bobbie Spencer became family after her daughter Laura wed Bobbie’s brother Luke on General Hospital. Now, Lesley’s portrayer, Denise Alexander, is sharing her memories of the late Jacklyn Zeman, who played Bobbie.

Denise Alexander Remembers Jackie Zeman

Alexander was already a cast member when Zeman joined GH in late 1977. While Lesley and Bobbie respected each other as medical professionals (Lesley’s a doctor; Bobbie was a student nurse), their personal relationship was understandably strained as Bobbie had it out for Laura (Genie Francis).

In between studying to become a nurse, Bobbie practically made it a full-time job to steal Scotty (Kin Shriner) away from Lesley’s daughter. Off-screen, however, there was nothing but respect and fondness between Alexander and Zeman.

GH: Sweet Remembrance

“Dear Girl,” Alexander wrote in a note about Zeman that has been shared with Soap Hub. “I keep hearing your voice and your laugh, and I can’t stop crying. I have so treasured your sweetness, your sense of humor, your talent, and, always, your dear kindness. And the best hugs.”


Alexander completed her note with the words, “I love you forever. Denise.”

Denise Alexander and Jacklyn Zeman: Port Charles Pals

Bobbie eventually put town her torch of wanting to send Laura off to reform school when she moved on from Scotty and found love with Roy DiLucca (Asher Brauner). At one point, Bobbie and Lesley found themselves single, following Roy’s death and Lesley’s divorce from Rick (Chris Robinson). They and two other Port Charles “lonely hearts” — Joe Kelly (Doug Sheehan) and widow Diana Taylor (Brooke Bundy) — found themselves dancing their cares away (or at least trying to) at the Campus Disco.

Lesley appeared to have perished in a car accident in 1984. The show chose Bobbie to be the one on duty when her body was brought to General Hospital. When Alexander returned to the show in 1996, she was reunited with her GH castmates, including Zeman. The two continued to share scenes together, mostly related to stories taking place at the hospital or at Laura’s weddings.