GH Spoilers (July 3-14, 2023): Drew Gets Into Trouble At Pentonville, A Firing At Metro Court


The General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming two weeks (July 3–14, 2023) are available and hint to some dramatic, action-packed episodes. To begin with, Drew will be greeted at Pentonville with nothing but turmoil during the week of July 3–7, 2023! In the meantime, Tracy will have a fresh plan in mind to address Ned’s Eddie issue. Back in Port Charles, during the week of July 10–14, 2023, a fresh turmoil will start when someone is shot at Metro Court. Who is the victim, though? To learn more, keep reading TV Season & Spoilers.

Tracy Discusses A Scheme With Tracy, Cyrus Has A Plan For Drew

Tracy Quartermaine feels tortured by the fact that Ned is constantly refusing to fall in line with her on General Hospital. Not only is he rejecting his identity as Ned Quartermaine, he has now bolted off to try and start life afresh as Eddie Maine. During the week of July 3-7, 2023, Tracy will decide to become more proactive with the whole situation and call Alexis in to discuss a plan of action. Perhaps Tracy wants to know the legal options that she could use to force treatment on to Ned, or even get him committed to a mental health facility that could help jog his memory.

Meanwhile at Pentonville, Cyrus Renault will welcome Drew! General Hospital spoilers tease that Cyrus will offer Drew to join his team in the prison facility. Although Drew would prefer not to, he may have no other option. The spoilers further hint that no matter what decision Drew makes, there is serious trouble waiting ahead for him. What could this trouble be? Will he get involved in petty prison fights? Or will it be something much worse? Stay tuned to find out!

Brook Lynn Gets In Trouble, Kristina Makes An Offer To Molly

General Hospital spoilers for July 3-7, 2023, reveal that Brook Lynn will get into trouble at Deception. Lucy will eventually realize that some confidential information of the organization has been stolen. She will investigate the matter and the trail will lead her straight to Brook Lynn. However, BLQ will think fast on her feet and try to cover by saying she was only trying to become more informed about the company. Moreover, she will wager that she had no idea that the data she copied was confidential. Will Lucy buy Brook Lynn’s story?

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Molly will open up to her sister, Kristina, about her fertility issues. Kristina will feel Molly’s pain and decide to help. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Kristina will make Molly an offer that will catch her off guard. It looks like Kristina is about to offer carrying Molly and TJ’s baby for them. But will Molly accept this offer? Moreover, will Kristina be able to go through with it if everyone agrees? After all, surrogacy is not an easy feat.


Molly Mulls Over Her New Option, Joss Witness A Shocker

On General Hospital, Molly will continue to process the shock of Kristina’s offer during the week of July 10–14, 2023. She will initially turn down her sister’s offer. Later in the week, she will start to consider the scenario, though. Alexis won’t agree with Kristina’s proposal in the meantime. She will be concerned that even though Kristina’s offer is sincere, she might not be able to carry it out. Could Alexis have cause for concern? Or will Kristina be able to persuade everyone that she really does mean what she says?

Elsewhere in PC, Joss will witness a shocking sight! General Hospital spoilers tease that Joss may spot Esme stealing a close moment with Spencer. This may raise the alarms for Joss, and she will call Esme out on her dirty tricks. Joss will fear that Esme is spreading a net of manipulation in an attempt to steal Trina’s boyfriend. Will Joss just stop at warning Esme, or will she inform Trina about what she witnessed? Could this bring some new trouble in Trina and Spencer’s new relationship?

Someone Gets Shot At Metro Court, Willow Invites Nina To Her Party

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 10–14, 2023, indicate that a shooting at Metro Court will cause the ABC soap opera to take a perilous turn. The victim who is shot’s identity is still a secret. The spoilers do indicate that Nina will be upset by it. Therefore, we can infer that the victim will be someone close to her. Sonny and Ava are the only two persons that are now “Team Nina” on GH. So, there will be a third party in between them.

However, the spoilers further tease that Michael s going to surprise Willow with a surprise welcome home party. Thus, chances are minuscule that Sonny gets shot. Else, the family wouldn’t be celebrating. Furthermore, the General Hospital spoilers reveal that Willow will also invite Nina to her party at the Gatehouse. Does this mean Willow is extending Nina an olive branch? Will this be the start of a mother-daughter reconciliation? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what happens next. But before we sign off, we’d like to extend a little programming note. There will be no fresh episode of General Hospital on July 4, 2023. But the soap will resume airing as usual from July 5, 2023. TV Season & Spoilers is your one-stop for all the General Hospital news. Stay tuned.