Blue Bloods’ Abigail Baker Raises Eyebrows After Announcing A Social Media Hiatus: ‘Heal’


Blue Bloods, CBS’ multigenerational procedural drama, is set to return to the air this week after a lengthy midseason break. However, Abigail Hawk, who played Detective Abigail Baker on the show, will miss the online celebration after announcing a social media break, which caused some concern among viewers.

Taking to Instagram, the actress shared a series of images of nature and street art, along with a caption explaining her impending departure.

“Please consider this my ‘away’ message,” it said. I’ll be back soon, I promise. Edited to add: Everything is fine! I simply require a break from social media. “I really miss reading books.”

Despite Abigail’s assurances that she was fine, fans were concerned and expressed their concern in her comment section.

“Love you praying love surround you and heal you!” wrote user Weirdoweddings.

“Hope you’re okay, prayers,” Craddocktroy added.


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Other fans who knew the actress recognized the need for a social media break and sent her book recommendations for her time away.

“I understand,” Jessie1800x said. I’m considering quitting social media because it’s almost addictive and I’m growing to despise it. Have a good day. “May peace be with you.”

“Have a nice rest from social media, see you soon,” Gnome 63 added.

“We understand, but will miss you!!!!” wrote Baharvey8.

“It does take away pleasures that we are more in tune with and should have more often,” Bluecowgirlup21 said.

Fortunately for her fans, they will be able to see more of her in action when Blue Bloods returns to CBS this week.


Due to the 2022 Winter Olympics, the show took an extended break after episode 13 titled ‘Cold Comfort.’

Blue Bloods, on the other hand, was one of many shows that were pulled from the air due to the competitive game.

This is for viewership reasons, as audiences are more likely to watch the Olympics than a show, especially since it will be available to stream online later.

A significant drop in viewership could also have an impact on the show’s chances of being renewed for another season.

Fans of Blue Bloods will recall that similar breaks occurred in 2014 and 2018.

Fans will be able to delve deeper into the professional and personal lives of the family of Irish Catholic cops when the procedural drama returns.

The following is the synopsis for the upcoming episode 14, Allegiance: “Erin’s nephew, police officer Joe Hill, becomes aware of witness tampering in a trial.”

“Baez forces Danny to assist her in tracking down the murd3rer of her favorite TV personality, while Eddie questions her decision to become a police sergeant.”

Fans will undoubtedly be treated to an action-packed season; however, CBS has yet to announce whether the series will be renewed for a 13th season.