Fans Of Blue Bloods Believe Frank Should Be Fired For The Latest Stunt He Performed


Commissioner Frank Reagan is one of the most beloved Blue Bloods characters for a variety of reasons, but even his most ardent supporters believe he should have been fired after what happened in last week’s episode.

Frank Reagan is no longer considered a bad person: he is dutiful, sharp, honorable, and dependable.

His presence as Commissioner keeps the PD together, and he is respected by both his colleagues and his family. No decent person could ever accuse him of anything…

Despite this, he managed to surprise everyone. Everyone is aware of the Commissioner’s long-standing feud with the Mayor, and it is nothing new.

We all know how they feel about each other, but the stunt Frank Reagan pulled off last episode was far too much — and, if we think about it objectively, should have gotten him fired.

Rivalry is one thing; deliberately humiliating the Mayor in front of the press is quite another.

Sure, the Mayor agreed to have police officers present, but there was no compelling reason to go overboard and hand him the bill for the “police services” in front of everyone — after all, these aren’t some wacky rent-a-cops!

Fans are baffled as to why Frank decided to escalate things between him and the Mayor so abruptly.


The press suddenly renews the war they’ve been fighting for so long, and it’s only natural to expect the Mayor to respond after that humiliating scene.

This kind of behavior is completely out of character for the well-respected Commissioner Frank Reagan.

The only explanation that comes to mind is that Frank is simply tired of his job and does not want to continue.

Perhaps he’s already decided to retire and decided not to hide his true “love” for the Mayor? However, this seems overly ambitious. Even with his impending retirement, this is not how Commissioner Reagan presents himself in public.

The potential off-screen reason for Frank’s stunt, on the other hand, seems more plausible: this scene was most likely written before Blue Bloods was renewed, and this was one of the ways the writers were hedging their bets to wrap up if the show wasn’t renewed in the end…

Which, thankfully, it was. But the scene remained the same, and the audience is left wondering what the hell happened to Commissioner Reagan.