General Hospital: Sonny Dumps Nina Over Her SEC Leak, Goes Back To Carly?


On General Hospital, Drew and Carly are embroiled in a legal battle with the SEC. It’s all because of Nina’s careless leaks. Our heroine and her present beau, nevertheless, may not stay in trouble for too long. Sonny, Carly’s cheeky ex, is dedicated to helping her find a solution. Additionally, this might reveal Nina’s role in the game. Then, what will happen? Will Sonny be able to forgive her, or will their romance be over? Continue to read TV Season & Spoilers. to ascertain!

Sonny Uncovers Nina’s Involvement in the SEC Leak

Several episodes ago, when Nina was tipping her lawyer, Martin, about Carly and Drew’s insider trading, Sonny had walked in. He even questioned Nina about what she was discussing with Martin on General Hospital. Of course, Nina couldn’t tell him the truth, so she dodged the questions. But the thing is, truth bombs like these can never stay hidden forever. In fact, they have a way of coming out at the worst possible time to backfire! So it’s only a matter of time before Nina feels the scorching heat of the fire she has lit.

Olivia, Drew, and even Tracy have been eyeing Ned Quartermaine as suspect number one for tipping the SEC against Drew and Carly. However, Ned is constantly denying the accusations on General Hospital. And it is beginning to look like he will convince everyone of his innocence sooner than later. The latest spoilers tease that Drew will buy Ned’s explanations and begin a search for the real mole. Tracy, too, will start to dig for the truth, and given hers, as well as Sonny’s contacts, the SEC officials might point towards Martin. How long do you think it will take Sonny to connect Martin’s dots to Nina? Especially after the phone call he walked in on?

Sonny Dumps Nina, Tries To Win Carly Back On General Hospital

Sonny and Carly may often be at each other’s throats, but they will rip off any other hand that tries to do the same on General Hospital. The two are fiercely loyal to each other and will never let a third person cause trouble in each other’s lives. Thus, when Sonny finally finds out what Nina has done, he won’t stand for it. Not only will he be livid over her hurting Carly, but he will also rip her a new one for lying straight to his face. He explicitly asked her what she was talking to Martin about, and she lied to him! Hence, Nina can kiss her relationship with Sonny goodbye.

The newly single dimpled don will focus on clearing Carly’s name once he has finished dumping Nina’s lying rump on General Hospital. He is already attempting to persuade Diane to find a solution to rescue Carly and Drew from the predicament. Diane can recommend that Carly and Drew get married in order for them to enjoy the spousal privilege. At least they won’t have to testify against one another this way. Will Carly be able to carry out what seems like a good plan on paper? Her genuine feelings for Sonny can surface if she imagines getting married to Drew. After all, they both secretly retain an unwavering affection for one another.

Will this sudden realization and shift in romantic dynamics bring Carly and Sonny closer to General Hospital? Do you think Carly will end her relationship with Drew and go back to Sonny? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what happens next.