Everything To Know About Ncis Season 21


In February 2023, the enduring drama received a renewal for a 21st season. NCIS, which was first intended to be a JAG offshoot, grew even more popular and is now the third longest-running primetime drama in television history. The program centers on a team from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as they investigate a variety of unusual cases, including murder, terrorism, and espionage.

The series premiered in 2003 and, within a few seasons, became one of the highest-rated shows on television. Variety reported that even in 2022, almost 20 years after its premiere, NCIS was still the second most-watched series of the year. The show’s strength comes from its fantastic cast of diverse (and quirky) characters, who often inject a good dose of humor into the show’s otherwise action-packed formula.

Due to its lengthy run, NCIS has grown to play a significant role in the lives of many fans. Over the years, they have witnessed the team undergo changes, with new members arriving, old favorites departing, and new characters joining. It follows that fans’ constant excitement for the upcoming season is understandable. Learn all there is to know about the upcoming NCIS season 21 by reading on.

Was NCIS renewed for season 21?

In February 2023, CBS renewed NCIS for its 21st season along with a slew of other series including its sister series NCIS: Hawaii and other popular shows like Young Sheldon, The Equalizer and CSI: Vegas. In a statement to Deadline, the network said, “This season CBS is continuing its winning tradition, delivering an unparalleled combination of top returning series and new hit shows that are entertaining huge audiences on both broadcast and streaming.”

When will NCIS season 21 premiere?

Regretfully, Hollywood’s writers and actresses went on strike a few months after CBS renewed NCIS, thus halting production on almost all films and television series. Networks and studios have since been forced to reschedule release dates to account for the break.

NCIS currently lacks an official release date, and the season hasn’t yet started filming because to the ongoing actors’ strike. The writers’ strike came to an end in late September, which is fantastic news. Deadline claims that NCIS’s writer’s room reopened in the first week of October, along with other well-liked programs like 9-1-1, The Simpsons, and Yellowjackets. Thus, even though the show hasn’t started filming yet, the episode scripts are already being written.

Are the stars of NCIS still on strike?

With the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, the stars of NCIS are still currently striking. Many of the show’s leads have even taken to social media. Katrina Law, who plays Jessica Knight, shared a photo of her bedazzled picket sign on her Instagram along with the caption, “Powering up.”

Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Nick Torres, has also shown his support for the strike on his Instagram, sharing an image that reads “SAG AFTRA Strong.” Costars Sean Murray, Brian Dietzen and Diona Reasonover have all also posted about the strike on their Instagrams.

How did season 20 of NCIS end?

Season 21 will pick up after a massive cliffhanger that left audiences shocked. In the season 20 finale, the team was working to stop a Russian terrorist attack. They learn that the Russians are trying to knock out power across America with the hopes of collapsing society in the process.


To stop the attack, Torres goes undercover as a prison inmate to get information from Yuri, who he believes has information about the attack. While in prison, Torres also befriends an 18-year-old inmate, who claims he was framed. A man visits the young inmate and Torres instantly recognizes him.

Suddenly, power goes out in the squad room just as blackouts begin hitting the entire East Coast, with cities like DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia all being affected. Thankfully, the team halts the plan and power is restored … leading up to the episode’s biggest moment.

With the terrorist plot foiled and Torres no longer undercover, the episode ends with him inside the house of the man he recognized from prison. The man arrives home, turns on the light and sees Torres sitting in his living room. Initially, the man is confused and doesn’t know what’s going on, but Torres tells him, “Take your time, it’ll come to you.”

Eventually, the man recognizes him, calling him “Nicky” and saying that he used to spend a lot of time thinking about him, his mom and his sister. Just before the scene ends, Torres pulls out a gun and tells the man he wants to watch him die.

Who is in the cast for NCIS season 21?

Due to the ongoing actors’ strike, it’s unclear which actors will return and who might join the cast since actors can’t negotiate contracts during the strike. However, there’s no reason to assume anyone from the main cast won’t be reprising their roles, especially star Valderrama since he’s involved in season 20’s cliffhanger ending, which will likely play a major role in the season 21 premiere.

Regretfully, Dr. “Ducky” Mallard is one character that will not be coming back for season 21. The role’s actor, David McCallum, passed away in September at the age of 90. According to a statement made available to PEOPLE, the actor passed away naturally. Many of McCallum’s NCIS coworkers remembered the late actor on social media as they paid respect to him. On her Instagram page, Pauley Perrette, who portrayed Abby Sciuto, posted a series of scene images. Michael Weatherly commented, “David McCallum made every moment count, in life and on set.” Let’s congratulate a wonderful, hilarious, and genuine man by raising a jug.

Where can I watch previous seasons of NCIS?

For anyone with a cable subscription, episodes of NCIS can be viewed on CBS.com and all 20 seasons are available to stream on Paramount+. The streaming service also has every episode of NCIS spinoffs as well like, NCIS: Hawaii, NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Sydney.