Cash And Carry: Is Cody Bell Right For Sasha On General Hospital?


We realize that Cody Bell is a bit busy these days on General Hospital, what with Gladys framing him for stealing her bracelet so she can cover up how she’s been embezzling from Sasha to pay for her gambling habit. But once that’s all cleared up, could Cody and Sasha make a love connection?

General Hospital: To Tell the Truth

Cody (Josh Kelly) may not be technically lying to Sasha (Sofia Mattsson), 16% of you hedge, but he isn’t telling her about Gladys’s (Bonnie Burroughs) crimes, so that is not a great basis to launch a relationship from. Sasha has already had enough lies in her relationship with Brando (Johnny Wactor). She does not need to go through that again. Not if she intends to stay off pills.

General Hospital: Be Better, Cody Bell

We get that Cody is cute, and he loves horses to the point where he lives with one. But 27% of the audience still thinks Cody needs to become a way, way better man before he is good enough for Sasha. Now, we realize that Sasha isn’t pure as the driven snow herself.


When we talk about lies in her relationship with Brando, she contributed quite a few of them. But that’s just the point. She needs to be with someone who will help her break bad habits, not someone who will encourage them.

Sweet GH Dreams

But a romantic 57% think you see something sweet developing between these two broken souls. Cody may play the tough guy who doesn’t care about anything, but it’s obvious he’s been through some rough times himself.

He and Sasha could heal each other. And they can protect each other. Starting with protecting each other from Gladys. Sasha will help Cody beat Gladys’s rap, and Cody will help Sasha put Gladys away for what she did to her. And then they will live happily ever after.