Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg Pays Tribute To His Long-Running Co-Star, Saying ‘Celebrating You’


Fans of Blue Bloods will be thrilled to see the CBS drama return on Friday after a nearly one-month hiatus. Donnie Walhberg, who played Danny Reagan, hasn’t appeared on television in some time, but the actor is still active on social media and recently paid tribute to a longtime friend.

Donnie gained a ton of new fans after debuting as Danny Reagan in 2010 despite having a successful stage career.

The actor played the frequently hot-tempered but steadfast and loyal NYPD detective.

Despite captivating viewers with his dominance on screen, Donnie took a break from the spotlight in 2022 to tour with his boyband, New Kids On The Block.

Jonathan and Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, and Donnie make up the band.

Since their formation in 1984, the group has enjoyed tremendous success, collectively selling more than 80 million records worldwide.

Donnie took a trip down memory lane on Saturday with a video dedicated to his bandmate Joey’s 50th birthday.

The video featured photos from their adolescence as well as clips from their tour.

He paid a heartfelt tribute to Joey with the following message: “Happy 50th Birthday to my dear friend @joeymcintyre!

“I know it’s your special day, and you better believe we’re all celebrating you today!”

“However, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for such an incredible journey this year.”


“Somehow, after all this time, it seems we keep reaching higher levels,” Donnie added. Continue to strengthen your bond.

“Our friendship was one of the most precious gifts I received this year!”

“I hope this day is as memorable for you as it was for me and so many others this year!” Budzo, I adore you! #MacAndCheeseForever! #HappyBirthdayJoeyMac #JoeyIs50!”


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Thousands of fans also left comments to honor Joey and reflect on the boyband’s journey.

“I still can’t believe those 5 boys I fell head over heels in love with as a teenager are now all in their 50s and better than ever!!” wrote @shvander.

@lauriekayleen mentioned, “The baby is 50.”

@thatzhott.0 commented, “50?!! Man, we’re getting there! Getting old like fine wine!”

“Mac and cheese forever!” commented a fourth fan, @jksdirtydawg. Joey, happy 50th birthday! “The group’s baby has grown up.”

@nic.chris.brave commented, “50 and F*CKING FABULOUS.”

“Love this post,” shared @teresa7277_. It’s incredible how long your friendship has lasted.”

Fortunately for fans, Donnie will soon be back on screen as Danny, who will undoubtedly take on more difficult cases.