Blue Bloods: Danny’s Methods Would Get Him SO Fired In Real Life


The famous Frank Reagan of Blue Bloods is the head of the New York Police Department and has four grown children: Danny, Erin, Jamie and Joe.

Frank is truly (and perhaps most of all of his children) proud of Danny, who fought in the military campaign and is now a police officer. However, the father does not quite like the way he goes about his work. Sure, Danny almost always achieves his goals as a cop, but he may resort to illegal methods too often.

Fans agree that Danny would not have lasted long in the ranks of real cops with such attitude. In the very first episode, he showed off his tough interrogation techniques – hitting the suspect and even putting his head in the toilet. Well, that’s definitely something that would get him fired to begin with.

The number of times Danny shoots and kills people has become a meme among the fans of the show. Especially in the early seasons, he literally pulled out a gun at every opportunity, and the number of people he shot is in the dozens.

Some fans have even decided to re-watch the series just to calculate the exact number of people that Danny shot.


Danny’s behavior becomes even more hilarious (or creepy) when fans recall how often his father Frank likes to quote the statistic that 95% of cops have never had to use a gun as part of their job.

In general, Danny gets into all sorts of trouble that would cost him his career in real life. Once he was even almost sent to jail, and surprisingly not for shooting people left and right.

In the season 3 episode Framed, cocaine was found in Danny’s car and he was arrested. As it turned out, Danny was investigating a case that would eventually reveal that Captain Derek Elwood, who was interrogating Danny, had set him up because he owed a substantial amount of money to a bookie who had been shot and was part of Danny’s investigation.

Despite all of the above, most fans agree that Danny is the show’s brightest and most entertaining character to follow. Some even skip storylines with other characters on the show just to watch Danny’s scenes, proving that while such behavior would get him fired in real life, it’s perfect for the show.