Blue Bloods’ Danny Reagan Almost Had His Real-Life Wife Play His On-Screen Lover


Jenny McCarthy turned down the offer to join Blue Bloods as her husband’s significant one — but which one, and why?

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are an actor couple, there’s no secret to that.

They’re happy together, and they even did a reality show about themselves in the past called Donnie Loves Jenny — as they both like acting in comedies, the couple treated it as their own little sitcom.

They also plan to co-host a game show one day.

But few people know that apart from Donnie Loves Jenny, the actors had a chance to star together in a much bigger series — Blue Bloods, where Wahlberg plays fans’ favorite Danny Reagan.

As Wahlberg revealed in his recent interview with TV Insider, the showrunners offered Jenny a role when the actors were already dating: she was supposed to play Danny’s, high-school love, Marianne Romero.

She would’ve made an appearance in one of the flashbacks in season 4, episode Growing Boys.

Despite this being a good offer and a chance to film together with Donnie, McCarthy declined — as Wahlberg says, “to her credit.”

It was the very beginning of the couple’s relationship, and Jenny didn’t want to overcomplicate things for themselves or for the fans. She believed it would’ve been “disruptive for the audience.”


In the end, Marianne Romero’s role was taken over by Charisma Carpenter (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Jenny McCarthy has no regrets about passing on the opportunity as she felt that was the right thing to do.

After all these years, Donnie and Jenny are still happy together, and there’s hope of actually seeing them together in Blue Bloods one day.

Jenny’s role as a judge on the popular television program The Masked Singer, according to Wahlberg, makes him doubt that she would appear as a guest star for a few entries.

Even with her busy schedule, there is still a chance that Jenny will appear in Blue Bloods at some point. The series was just renewed for a 14th season after the actors agreed to a significant salary cut, and if the new season is successful, it will probably continue.