GH Actor Of The Week – Tabyana Ali Shines As Trina Goes All In With Spencer


We want to take a minute to recognize Tabyana Ali (Trina Robinson) as our actor of the week. General Hospital (GH) teasers indicate that the week of April 17–21 saw some standout performances. Trina is currently in full-on heroine mode, so Ali is relishing this opportunity to stand out significantly.

We’ve seen wonderful depth from Ali as she navigates playing Trina’s angry defiance with Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) and the quiet fear behind closed doors with Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez).

Trina’s many layers are now starting to come undone as her emotions are at an all-time high.

Given all the star power Ali brings to the table, it’s appropriate that the spacecraft be named The Haunted Star!

Spencer and Trina have become a popular couple on social media, but it takes two people really working together in harmony for that to happen.

Tabyana Ali does a lot to sell this epic story of teenage love in the face of great danger, and Nicholas Chavez undoubtedly contributes a lot as well.

Trina stated that her reservations about Spencer had vanished in the GH episode from April 21. This led to some very nice sequences for Ali.

As Trina talked about wanting to do things with Spencer that she’d never done before, you could feel the shift.


Ali managed to nail just the right balance of sweetness and seduction as Trina talked to Spencer about the prospect of losing her virginity.

Although Spencer was concerned about making this special, Trina made it clear that it would be since they were doing this toge ther.

Ali had such an adoring gaze that we had to believe Trina was truly ready!

Trina went all in with her devotion and was fully prepared to hit the sheets with the man she’d fallen hard for.

Much to the dismay of “Sprina” fans, The Haunted Star hit land and prevented their first time making love, but we have no doubt that Trina and Spencer will have their chance eventually.

Even so, it’s been nice to see some new sides to Trina’s relationship with Spencer – and Ali’s portrayal is a huge part of that.

Our choice for actor of the week is Tabyana Ali, who merits recognition for her continued excellence in the part.

Stay with us for updates on what happens next as General Hospital spoilers indicate that Spencer and Trina will receive devastating news as Victor causes further havoc.