Allison Dubois Suggests Kyle Richards “Premeditated” Separation For Rhobh, Slams “Bulls**T” Claim That She & Mauricio Were “On The Same Page,” And Shares Thoughts On Dorit And Pk’S Relationship


According to Allison Dubois, Kyle Richards was “premeditated.” Her Breakup Storyline, Dismisses Her “Bulls**t” Accusation That She and Mauricio Were Once “On The Same Page,” and Explains Her View on Dorit and PK’s Bond

The psychic medium Allison DuBois, who foresaw the breakdown of Kyle Richard and Mauricio Umansky’s marriage 13 years prior, is criticizing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and offering her insights into the true nature of their relationship.

Kyle and Mauricio recently admitted their separation, and Kyle indicated that they were getting a divorce ­– before she seemed to take it back. Some fans, however, have speculated that she’s using the rift to get higher ratings for the show.

Speaking on the “Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, Allison addressed Mauricio and Kyle’s marital issues, which are now being highlighted on RHOBH.

“I think everything they do is for ratings and to further their careers,” she said. “The fact that they had this huge press release about their separation this summer … you can only believe in coincidences for so long before you look at it and say, this looks premeditated.”

Allison also addressed her first reading of Kyle 13 years ago: “She was so hungry at the time to be wealthy and adored, and she worked really hard to get to a place where she had some fame, and she has the money.”

The medium eventually asked, “Can’t you hear them saying, okay this season is boring, we need something … [but] I think it’s out of their hands now. I think it’s actually becoming real and I think it’s why Mauricio looks so surprised in the last couple of episodes when she’ll push back at him … I think she’s actually throwing in some of the truth, testing him. I think she felt unloved for a long time.”

She also addressed the recent episode in which Kyle indicated that, until recently, she and Mauricio were always on the same page. “I’ve met people. I know a lot of people and I just don’t believe they’ve been happy for a long time. It really killed me in the episode where she kept saying that the two of them were always on the same page,” said Allison. “That is absolute bulls**t.”

The author commented, “It was interesting because Kyle, if you watch her face and her body language at the beginning of that episode… you see her demeanor completely change, and she becomes disheveled in that moment, and I just find it so interesting,” in response to Andy Cohen’s question to Kyle on Watch What Happens Live regarding Allison’s previous prediction. She was so uncomfortable even hearing my name, that’s how powerful I am.

Regarding Andy Cohen‘s question to Kyle on Watch What Happens Live about Allison’s former prediction, the author stated, “It was interesting because Kyle, if you watch her face and her body language at the beginning of that episode … you see her demeanor completely change, and she becomes disheveled in that moment, and I just find it so interesting. The power of me that just hearing my name was unsettling to her.”

She went on to say, “I think because the truth hurts and her reaction has to do with something that she just doesn’t want the public to know because she feels like it makes her look bad.”

The author added, “She should have called me. We could have had a martini and like [hashed] it out. I could have given her some way forward advice but that really wasn’t what she was worried about. I think she’s always worried about the castle being threatened. The money. The family. All of it. Her idea of what she wanted her life to look like and what’s actually happening behind the scenes being counter to that vision that she has.”

She also responded to Kyle’s repeated claims that during the previous reading, Allison was sensing Camille Grammer and her ex-husband Kelsey’s energy. “I had mentioned [in the reading] that you won’t have much in common when your kids grow up. That wasn’t a bad thing to say, and it felt like it completely deconstructed her. Allison remarked, “Oh, she must be picking up on Camille. She equated it with divorce.” “She can try to backpedal and pretend that it’s true seven days a week, but it won’t make it true. It’s a deflective approach that you look out for in a courtroom when you think you’re coming too near to the truth.


The medium then suggested that Andy orchestrated Kyle’s recent interview with Kelly Clarkson, who asked the star about Allison. “Do you think [Kelly] actually did that without Andy’s prompting? I mean let’s be real. Andy is the puppeteer. He’s pulling all the strings … That is set up.”

Allison also hinted that if Mauricio and Kyle stay together, the reason is “maybe they’re stronger together because Mauricio without the show — his business will lose steam and he knows that. We all know that if you’re attached to a reality show it’s like a big infomercial and Kyle knows if she loses Mauricio as part of her life in scenario that she has no storylines.”

The best-selling author added, “I don’t think you are ever allowed to maybe see [the real dynamic of their relationship] before. I know that he’s lived part of his life with her [and] has been very secretive. ‘I have to go to Mexico. I’ve got to go on this trip,’ and she’s not there, and she doesn’t know what happens when he goes there … I think at some point she had to stop caring … because it hurt for too long. You cry. Cry on your pillow … you go through it and I think she got to the point where she just … didn’t care if he went to Portugal or wherever he was gonna go without her.”

Allison indicated that she herself is being used by Kyle for relevancy: “It’s been 13 years. How many times has she brought my name up, or had it brought up? She needs me. I don’t need her. I’m good. I do readings, I write books. I have my podcast The Dead Life. I’m good … I wish she would find that for herself and lose my name out of her mouth.”

She also claimed there’s more to the story behind Mauricio breaking away from his brother-in-law Richard Hilton‘s real estate firm.

“There were things reportedly that came up missing in Kathy’s husband’s office that had to do with all of the details of the clients that the agency didn’t become big until that information had been acquired by him and Kyle,” she said, adding, “I think he and Kyle should be together. I think they’re cut from the same cloth.”

Regarding Lisa Rinna‘s departure from the show, Allison commented, “I feel bad for Rinna in a way and I know that she was made to be the villain but I don’t think that the viewers are maybe fully grasping that the episodes and seasons without a villain are flat. So the villain is very important,” she said. “Don’t be surprised if down the road in future seasons, they don’t pay her a whole bunch of money to come back because they need the villains. Kyle doesn’t wanna be the villain because she always wanted adoration from others.”

Allison said, “The entire Pretty Woman scene [with] her and PK, PK kept using the word control,” in reference to the most current “Pretty Woman” scene starring Dorit and PK Kemsley. because she enjoys having authority. that Allison is domineering,” Allison remarked. “That kept sticking out to me as though he might like somebody that he can control and maybe that’s not Dorit,” said the person who has previously profiled criminals.