5 Reasons Blue Bloods’ Eddie Doesn’t Deserve Such Hate


Eddie Janko has been the target of far too much animosity and abuse among the Blue Bloods community. The moment has come to speak out and let everyone know that she deserves more, and here’s why.

We’re here to try and alter your perspective if you’ve been disparaging Eddie. If you like Eddie, it will be enjoyable for you to realize that someone does value her.

Anyway, let’s go over the top 5 factors, or attributes, that demonstrate why she’s a fantastic character.


Many fans claim that Eddie’s way too outspoken and it’s unlikable. In reality, though, she’s no blunter than any of the male characters: sure, she speaks her thoughts openly, but so do they.

Why do people only have a problem with her, we wonder?


Unlike most other Blue Bloods characters, Janko never wears awards (aside from one) on her duty uniform. She doesn’t feel the need to: this speaks of modesty and, perhaps, practicality.

These qualities are generally respected, as far as we know.


Eddie’s got a good heart, and she’s very passionate about her job. This makes some people find her annoying, but who isn’t annoying at times?

In the case of Janko, though, her behavior is motivated by her instincts and the desire to do the right thing.


Eddie shows the same restraint and respect that all the Reagans do but she is criticized for it.


She does also challenge her superiors fairly often, but with that, she’s able to bring Jamie back to Earth when he needs it, and that’s pretty refreshing.


Even with all the boundary overstepping Janko does all the time, there’s a crucial reason she’s still there: Jamie can always rely on her.

Eddie is immensely loyal to both him and her duty, and she ends up being the one he can trust.

With all that said, though, we can still see why so many people find Eddie’s behavior annoying. But let us tell you: it’s not the character, it’s the writing.

There’s a strict pattern to her character that allows next to no growth, so she became pretty predictable pretty fast.

To really see her shine, we need more Janko-centric episodes where she’ll be allowed to perform out of the box… Maybe, we’ll get those when she’s finally promoted?

They can’t have her stay a beat cop forever, too.