Young Sheldon Star Admits To Feeling Bad About Missy’s Ending Fate


Raegan Revord candidly reveals her thoughts about Missy’s Young Sheldon ending fate, and fans of the show are sure to find it understandable. Missy was barely in The Big Bang Theory but despite her limited appearance, she made an impression as Sheldon’s sister. Unlike the boy genius, she was witty and sensible, not to mention sarcastic. Unfortunately, the family dramedy continued to underutilize her, essentially relegating her to be a supporting character while the rest of the Coopers got their respective storylines, which was further reflected in the Young Sheldon finale and the way it left Missy’s fate.

In an interview with TV Line, Revord shares the viewers’ frustrations over how Missy’s fate was handled in the Young Sheldon finale, although she’s hopeful that her character “finds some peace and happiness.” For context, Mary and her daughter’s respective storylines didn’t have a definitive ending, since the final half of the double-header series-capper was devoted to Sheldon’s story. Read Revord’s full quote below:

It breaks my heart. She just doesn’t have it easy. Her whole life, she was kind of ignored because of her [twin] brother, and the one person who paid her attention died. She’s left with a grieving mom who probably [isn’t] there for her the way that she should have been because they’re all dealing with [George’s death] in their own way. Mary very much leans into her religion… and in Big Bang, Missy’s a waitress, she’s got all these kids [and] she’s the least successful Cooper kid.

How Young Sheldon Could Have Easily Fixed Missy’s Arc

Adult Sheldon Could Have Made Missy’s Young Sheldon Ending Fate Better

Revord is referring to Missy being the least successful Cooper sibling in terms of what was revealed in The Big Bang Theory. While Georgie became a rich entrepreneur and Sheldon won the Nobel Prize in Physics, their sister was left unfulfilled both in her personal and professional life. During her last appearance in the nerd-centric sitcom for Sheldon and Amy’s wedding, Missy was pregnant with her second child and was in the middle of separation from her first husband. Subsequently, adult Sheldon’s Young Sheldon narration offered a happy update about her family life, but it was never expounded on.


However, it could have fixed Missy’s desolate future by including a reference to how her life turned out since the end of The Big Bang Theory with very little screentime.

One of the biggest issues of the relatively well-loved Young Sheldon finale was that its final half felt too rushed. After George’s death and subsequent funeral, the dramedy didn’t have enough time to deal with all the lingering storylines. However, it could have fixed Missy’s desolate future by including a reference to how her life turned out since the end of The Big Bang Theory with very little screentime. Adult Sheldon in the Young Sheldon ending flashforward could have easily said something about her sister thriving in her adulthood despite a difficult childhood and challenging years after.

There’s still a chance to make up for Missy’s disappointing Young Sheldon finale fate. Thanks to Georgie And Mandy’s First Marriage, Revord can return as the character. Ideally, she would be a series regular in the upcoming CBS sitcom, but that isn’t the case, as the actor previously revealed that she wasn’t invited to be a core cast member. The creatives behind the upcoming comedy have said that they are open to her appearance. At the very least, however, a clear path to returning is something to be hopeful about with regard to the fan-favorite Cooper family member.