I Feel Very Lucky Everything Iain Armitage Says About Playing Young Sheldon


How the Role Became Easier Over Time

Iain Armitage has grown immensely throughout his time playing Sheldon Cooper. Reflecting on this journey, he mentions how I think it’s just that as I grew up, I knew Sheldon more and more. So, it only got easier. Portraying such an iconic character for seven years influenced how he fell into a rhythm, making the role almost second nature.

The Influence of Jim Parsons

Iain often speaks highly of Jim Parsons, the original Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. He fondly recalls Jim was always just so kind and giving advice. He was really awesome. Armitage also stated, He’s a tremendous person to work with… He is like a genius.

Lessons Learned from Playing Sheldon

According to Armitage, working alongside Parsons provided invaluable learning experiences. He shared, It was just tremendous and awesome and I learned a lot by working with him, adding that He has so many mannerisms that I’ve been able to pick up just by watching him and learning from him.


Reflecting on His Time on the Show

The young actor often reflects on his early days on set with nostalgia. The first day I got there, I was nervous and they were all so welcoming. Jim Parsons was the first one who came up to me. He said, ‘Are you ready, are you excited? We are excited to have you here.’

Looking Ahead to Future Opportunities

Though saying goodbye to Young Sheldon was emotional, Armitage remains optimistic about his future. Commenting on what’s next, he says confidently, It will be really cool to see what happens next and what opportunities come after this.