Tom Schwartz And Katie Flood’S Winter House Romance Takes Hilarious Turn


This is the season of bizarre coincidences on reality TV. Tom Schwartz, star of Vanderpump Rules, finds himself drawn to Katie Flood, the former head stew of Below Deck Mediterranean, as they enjoy Steamboat Springs, Colorado in a party house crowded with other Bravolebrities.

The issue? The girl shares the same first name as Katie Maloney, Schwartz’s ex-wife. Fans of Winter House will learn more about the bizarre circumstances in the upcoming episode on November 20.

Tom thinks “it’s a good joke”

Schwartz is heading back to Los Angeles to film the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion. He also has to check in on Schwartz & Sandy’s, the bar he opened with Tom Sandoval, despite being “on a break” from the disgraced reality TV star.

“You guys, I’m sad I have to leave tomorrow,” Schwartz tells Katie and her Below Deck Med pal Malia White. “I have to go back and just check on the bar, we just opened. And check in with my buddy Tom.”

In a candid interview, Schwartz continued, saying, “My nervousness is starting to sneak in as time goes by and I go closer and closer to having to return to L.A. It may seem a bit theatrical, but it’s unavoidable that something will be knocking on my door. I have the reunion to record.


There was one hazy memory of the brief parting, though, when Schwartz and Katie made out the night before and talked about their feelings the following day.

Katie said, “It felt like high school again.”

Schwartz replied, “That is the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

The fact that Katie shares the same name as Schwartz’s ex-wife weighs heavily on him. Katie joked, “Do you just wanna rename me?”

This conversation led to the biggest shocker of all, that both Katies have the same middle name.

“Please don’t tell me her name is Katie Marie,” Katie joked.

Schwartz reacted in confessional, “Katie Marie? You gotta do it to me. This is the universe f*cking with me. It’s a good joke though.”

It’s some relief that Katie goes by Floody with her friends.