Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For GH: Constance Towers


Constance Towers plays one mean matriarch on General Hospital.

She’s a Cassadine — not a DiMera — but occasionally, Helena Cassadine, played by Constance Towers, will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes on General Hospital. This time, the actress reprised her role as the evil Cassadine family matriarch courtesy of her son Valentin having a drug-induced hallucination. Not surprisingly, Towers stepped right back into her alter-ego’s delicious wickedness.

Constance Towers – Performer of the Week

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) was lying near death after his father Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) forced Dr. Leisl Obrecht to inject him with a dangerous drug. Drifting in and out of consciousness, Valentin imagined Helena had come back to haunt him. Towers played Helena as her usual evil self, someone who came to rob Valentin of his will to live.

“You are dying,” Helena gleefully taunted her son. “It’s time to accept reality. You were never good enough, Valentin. Not for Anna [Finola Hughes]. Not for anyone. They’ll all be better off without you.” As Valentin continued to writhe in pain, Helena did her best to push him closer to the Grim Reaper. “There, there,” she consoled her son with fake sympathy. “It won’t be long now.”

Of course, Helena wasn’t truly there. Her words were a figment conjured up by Valentin’s insecurities. That gave Towers a bit of license to be just a smidge more deliciously wicked as she taunted her son — though she didn’t have to go far given how bad-ass Helena always is. “Don’t fight it. The pain will soon be over,” said Helena, hoping that Valentin would give up his desire to live.


The Cassadine matriarch lamented that she could have made a legend of her son but instead, he turned out to be just another corpse. As Helena, Towers shares disappointments in people so easily as if she were trading a barb with a rival socialite at a cocktail party. If you’re not an evil world leader, the Cassadine villainess has no use for you.

As Valentin started to succumb to his father’s drug, Helena urged her son to cross over to the other side. “Let go,” she said. “It’s easier that way. Don’t you trust your own mother?” Fortunately, Valentin had some fight still in him. Just then, Anna (Finola Hughes) appeared giving Valentin the strength to banish the vision of his mother. Alas, that meant the end of Helena and the visit from her portrayer, Constance Towers. Still, the actress’s brief return was welcome. Kudos to the GH writers for finding a way to bring her back to the show.

Honorable mentions: Kathleen Gati reminded us that Dr. Obrecht never loses her edge — even when she’s in danger of being killed. “I’ll instruct you on how to harvest my marrow from my dying body; now, pull the trigger!” Leisl barked at Holly after a gun-wielding Victor threatened the life of Willow’s donor.

Speaking of Holly, it’s been a delight to see Emma Samms back on our screen. Ethan’s mom took great, justified delight in rubbing in Victor’s face that she was responsible for his inability to be intimate anymore. “No more heirs for Uncle Victor. In fact, Victor, you can’t even…try…can you,” Holly gleefully told the Cassadine cad.