Scream 6’s Most Shocking Ghostface Reveal Gets A Wild Follow-Up In Returning 19-Year-Old Serial Killer Show


Scream 6 had a shocking Ghostface reveal with a trio of characters behind the killings, which had a unique follow-up through a serial killer show. Scream (2022), also known as Scream 5, and its sequel focused on half-sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter. Sam’s biological father is Billy Loomis, one of the original Scream Ghostface characters, which led to Ghostface targeting them and their friends in Scream and Scream 6. The Carpenter sisters will not return for Scream 7 as Sam’s actress Melissa Barrera was shockingly fired from Scream 7 and Tara’s actress Jenna Ortega exited the series.

This has caused a great air of controversy around Scream 6 as Melissa Barrera was fired for pro-Palestine posts that were labeled as “antisemitism” and an “incitement of hate” by Spyglass Media Group, the production company behind Scream 7. Fortunately, Sam was able to get somewhat of a fitting ending to her storyline, and Barrera has continued to star in horror movies, like Abigail. Viewers have made theories about what would have happened to Sam and Tara Carpenter in Scream 7, and one Scream 6 character gets somewhat of an alternate storyline in a famous serial killer television series.

Scream 6’s Liana Liberato Plays A Serial Killer Again In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2

Liana Liberato Plays Jade Waters In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2

The Scream 6 cast included Liana Liberato as Quinn Bailey, Sam and Tara’s roommate and the daughter of detective Wayne Bailey (Dermot Mulroney). At the end of Scream 6, Quinn is revealed as one of the killers in the Ghostface mask. She had faked being Tara and Sam’s friend, as well as her death, to ease suspicion, coming back for one final fight scene and shocking reveal. Liberato played a convincing manipulative killer, so it wasn’t surprising when the Ghostface actor took on the role of a serial killer again in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2.

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, episode 4 was framed as though Jade’s dad was ‘Gold Star’

Liberato’s character, Jade Waters, was introduced in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, episode 4 in a crazy twist that revealed “Gold Star,” the serial killer the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) has been hunting down, is not just one person but a group of five. The serial killer series may not have Ghostface, but Criminal Minds has unsubs, or unknown subjects, whose reveals can cause the same kind of gasps audiences experienced in theaters watching the Scream movies. Scream and Criminal Minds also enjoy misdirections and fakeouts, with Liberato’s storyline so far perfectly tying in to her Scream 6 performance.

Liana Liberato’s Serial Killer Character Reveal Has A Perfect Nod To Her Scream 6 Role


Jade’s Twist Reveal Was Connected To Her Character’s Father

Criminal Minds episodes typically follow a formula of introducing who the unsub is at the beginning of the episode, with viewers then watching the BAU team try to figure out what they already know. In the revival of the series, Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 waited a while to introduce the unsub, causing the same excitement and tension as the Scream movies. Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, episode 4 was framed as though Jade’s dad was “Gold Star,” and she was trying to get revenge on him by stealing his signature killing style; a way of acting out.

However, Jade kills her father. She attended a reform school, where she and a group of people abused by the staff “trauma bonded” and became serial killers. In Scream 6, Quinn became a killer because of her father and her connection to her half-brother, another former Ghostface. Sam killed her at the end of Scream 6, getting her revenge, but in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, Jade survives and gets revenge. With Criminal Minds: Evolution season 3 confirmed, Liberato’s character could evade justice even longer, reversing Quinn’s Scream 6 fate.