I Have A Bad Feeling About Dafne Keen’s Jecki Lon For The Acolyte Episode 5


Dafne Keens’ Jecki Lon should probably have a bad feeling about the red-bladed figure in episode 5 of The Acolyte. It’s not often that you see a Jedi Padawan facing off against a Sith Lord. But based on the ending of The Acolyte episode 4, “Day,” and some trailer footage yet to be seen in the show, it seems that is exactly what will happen in the next episode, premiering on Tuesday night.

Master Sol’s second Padawan has avoided major danger thus far in the series, opting for duties far away from combat. After all, she is still only a Padawan learner and hasn’t even completed her lightsaber training; this is her first mission. And even though Jedi Knights (and an adorable tracker) surround her on Khofar, I don’t think Jecki has enough protection to make it home in one piece.

We’ve Seen Footage Of Jecki Attacking The Sith Lord

Come on, we KNOW how that will end

Lucasfilm has released a number of thrilling trailers for The Acolyte, and one shows Jecki dual-wielding green lightsabers as she defends herself against the mysterious Sith Lord. If that is indeed a Sith Lord under the mask, Jecki doesn’t stand a chance. It’s also not a great sign that she is fighting the figure alone. If Sol or Yord were conscious, they’d likely put themselves between the dark-sider and the Padawan.

It’s also possible that the half-Theelin isn’t killed, but rather taken by the Sith Lord as a new apprentice. A young Force-user who is already combat-trained could be quite the addition for the Sith. And showrunner Leslye Headland may just be too fond of Jecki to kill her off. In a press junket with Collider, Keen remembered when Headland “said to me that her favorite species of alien was a Theelin, and she wanted to give that to me.”


Amandla Stenberg Promised “A Girl Fight” That Gets “Gnarly”

And we’ve seen Mae’s knife to Jecki’s throat…

Meanwhile, Amandla Stenberg has teased a girl fight in The Acolyte episode 5 – one she considers a highlight of the show. As she explained in an interview with Screen Rant:

“I don’t want to say too much, but the stunt or sequence that I’m the proudest of is a girl fight that gets gnarly. ”

This could, of course, be a fight between Mae and Osha, or even some flashback involving Master Indara. But the best bet is that Stenberg is referencing a Jecki-Mae fight. Even if Jecki somehow survives the Sith Lord, she will still have to deal with his apprentice.

Another shot in The Acolyte trailers show Mae holding one of her throwing knives to Jecki’s throat. It’s hard to believe that Mae’s master would allow her to keep the young Jedi alive. And after seeing what Mae did to Indara with those knives, the assassin should be able to dispose of Jecki fairly quickly.

Perhaps the trailers were designed to mislead the viewers. Perhaps Sol’s Padawan survives the ordeal on Khofar and lives out the rest of her days as a Jedi Knight. But all signs point to a very bad ending for Jecki Lon in The Acolyte episode 5.

The Acolyte episode 5 premieres June 25, 2024, on Disney+.