Rhobh’S Erika Jayne Accused Of ‘Bleeding’ Estate Dry, Trying To Benefit From Husband’S Fraud


I’m not sure if Erika Jayne will pursue a redemption story in Season 13, but it looks like she may. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress is undeniably gorgeous when the show returns, and she has menopause and hormones to thank for that. Unlike Ozempic. Unquestionably not Ozempic.

Erika and her former husband Tom Girardi have long been embroiled in an endless legal struggle. The pair is charged with fraud, embezzlement, and filing for divorce in order to preserve their money. EJ is currently dealing with accusations that she is “bleeding” Big Daddy’s estate dry while she works to mend her reputation. The details are on Radar.

Erika is trying, you guys. Trying to develop empathy so she can stop randomly insulting Dorit Kemsley. I mean, EJ is going to therapy and everything. She’s also trying to get those damn diamond earrings back. Probably because it only costs about $1 to see her Vegas show now …

We are all aware of the famed jewelry Erika carelessly displayed, even though we knew Tom was a crook and that his victims were destroyed. Erika places herself on the same level as the widows and orphans because she believes that she is a victim of Tom as well. When she had to move out of the Pasadena Palace and into a 1500-square-foot apartment, she experienced the pangs of poverty. Erika also misplaced the earrings when they were put up for auction to raise money to compensate Tom’s victims.

EJ is now being accused of “economic bleeding” to the remaining portion of Tom’s fortune, while having previously been called a gold digger.


In 2020 Tom was forced into bankruptcy because his crimes started catching up with him. It was alleged he ran the firm of Girardi Keese like an MLM and the once highly-respected attorney was nothing but a grifter. Erika maintains she knew nothing of Tom’s crimes despite profiting from them.

Several of Tom’s clients said he won financial settlements for them in court cases, but never released their winnings. It’s further alleged most of those funds were used to finance his and EJ’s luxurious lifestyles. Also, her “music” career didn’t happen because she was “discovered,” let’s remember she was “financed” by Daddy.

Not over the diamond earrings

EJ is now demanding her diamond earrings back, and the prosecution is fed up with her protracted case. On the other hand, the trustee has said that she is tired of EJ and her pranks.

The trustee states that there is no question that Tom utilized funds from a corporate account, not a personal one, to purchase the earrings. The trustee asked the court to stop Erika from being so crazy about those blasted diamonds in a new motion. In order to “stop the economic bleeding Erika is causing the Estate in her quest to benefit from the unconscionable fraud and crime perpetrated by her husband,” she believes the motion is “most importantly” necessary.

Don’t look for EJ’s earrings this season, someone else is currently wearing them. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.