Rhobh: What Happened To Kathy Hilton After Season 12?


After leaving RHOBH season 12, Kathy Hilton’s enjoying grandparenthood, dining with ex-castmates, and weighing in on sister Kyle Richards’ marriage.

When Kathy Hilton joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for season 11, she made a huge splash in the reality TV world. During her stay, she faced a variety of family issues and conflicts with her sister Kyle Richards, as well as with her co-stars Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne. An emotionally charged Aspen trip that stretched Kathy and Kyle’s relationship resulted in a fallout, as seen in RHOBH season 12. The fallout from their on-screen arguments remained long after the show ended, raising questions about Kyle’s ability to attend Kathy’s daughter Paris Hilton’s wedding. In the setting of Beverly Hills, the drama developed and captured the complexities of familial ties, leading viewers to wonder if Kathy would return in the upcoming season.

After the season, Kathy gained notoriety when it was reported that she was leaving RHOBH because of pay issues. There were rumors that she was looking for a bigger salary. Adding gasoline to the flames, Kathy made it known that she wouldn’t be returning to the show unless the producers fired Lisa and Erika, her co-stars. After leaving, Kathy’s life changed as she embraced parenthood and started filming Paris in Love season 2 with Nicky Hilton and her kids, Paris. Kathy continued to stay in touch with her old castmates by having dinners together and participating in neighborhood events.

She’s Embracing Grandparenthood & Filming “Paris in Love”

The Paris in Love season 2 trailer debuted on YouTube and illustrated Paris’ seismic revelation: she welcomed a baby via surrogate, a secret meticulously guarded until the perfect moment. The trailer offers a peek into this undercover saga, capturing the heartwarming encounter between Paris and Kathy. In a casual tone, Paris unveils the surprise to her unsuspecting mother, presenting the bundled infant, Phoenix, as Kathy’s grandson. The emotional intensity crescendos as Kathy, overwhelmed with joy and disbelief, succumbs to tears, documenting a touching and relatable moment between a mother and her newfound grandchild, encapsulating the raw essence of familial love and surprise.


Dining with Her Neighbors Sutton Stracke & Jennifer Tilly

On Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, RHOBH cast member Sutton Stracke addressed her friendship with Kathy, steering clear of the rift between Kathy and Kyle. Sutton linked closely to both sisters and shared insights into her current rapport with Kathy, affirming Kathy’s well-being and packed schedule without delving into show-related discussions during their catch-ups. Notably, Kathy joined Sutton and Jennifer Tilly for a recent lunch outing following Jennifer’s appearance on the RHOBH season 13 premiere. Sutton’s comments reflect a separate, solid bond with Kathy, showcasing their ability to maintain a friendship without choosing sides and a conscious avoidance of the show’s dynamics in their interactions.

Weighing-In On Her Sister Kyle Richards’ Marriage

The reason behind Kyle and Mauricio’s breakup is still a source of rumors. People said that when Kathy, Kyle’s sister, appeared to make a suggestion about the situation on Instagram Stories, the chatter got even bigger. According to “The Law of Attraction,” which Kathy cited, one’s thoughts create their reality; conversely, negative thoughts produce similar effects. The presumptions were strengthened by Kathy’s statement regarding the influence of quiet. Despite living together under the same roof, Kyle and Mauricio have been living apart and get along well. Fans of the show wonder what is next for the Hilton and Richards family and whether Kathy will or could return as they get through this difficult time.