Real Housewives Who Upgraded From Their First Marriages


Real Housewives stars don’t often receive second chances at love. It is meant to be for better or worse when you take your vows, but occasionally you need to let go of the baggage and improve your romantic life. When it came to upgrading their husbands, the following Housewives did just that.

Aphrodite occasionally bestows her good fortune on a Bravo star, giving them and the audience a true treat that often consists of a few of vow renewals and some enormous themed weddings.

Tamra Judge

The Real Housewives of Orange County star’s marriage to Simon Barney wasn’t the perfect union. During the earlier seasons, viewers watched as Tamra Judge tried her best to be a perfect housewife, which included silencing her personality. For years, followers watched their tumultuous relationship play out on the show. During Season 5, on the limo ride to the end of the summer wrap party, Tamra even told Simon she wanted a divorce. In 2010, Simon filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage.

However, Tamra didn’t lose love after meeting Eddie Judge. The two’s connection was undeniable, and fans were able to witness their relationship bloom. Eddie embraced everything Tamra was and loved her for her flaws. The two tied the knot in June of 2013 and have been happily married for the last ten years.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey was almost the modern-day runaway bride when it came to walking down the aisle to Peter Thomas. The couple tied the knot in 2010, but the marriage wasn’t meant to last. On their wedding day, the supermodel’s sister and mother even debated hiding the marriage license. The couple never seemed on the right page and eventually became business partners in Bar One and Sports One. After their divorce in 2017, Cynthia asked that her ex pay her back for a loan in the amount of $170,000. Naturally, it got very messy and only proved the two were not soulmates.

Cynthia then met Mike Hill, and “Chill” was born. The two really seemed like an excellent match as they blended their family together. They tied the knot in October of 2020 during the worldwide pandemic, which again should have been a sign from the gods. Mike treated Cynthia much better than her first husband, but even this upgrade couldn’t last, and the two called it quits in 2022.


Karen Huger

Edmund E. Carte was the guy that Karen Huger, the Grand Dame of Potomac, first married. The only thing that is known about Karen’s first spouse is that it wasn’t a good fit for them. Two years had passed before Karen laid eyes on her present husband. At a Black Caucus gathering, Karen met Ray Huger, and the two got married in 1996. The pair made the decision to remarry and exchange vows during Season 6. Without a question, Karen upgraded when she wed Ray and now leads a very opulent life.

Taylor Armstrong

In October 2005, Taylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong exchanged vows. Nevertheless, Taylor’s experience on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revealed a dysfunctional marriage that frequently caused her bodily and mental suffering. In Season 2, Camille Grammer disclosed that Taylor had to undergo reconstructive surgery as a result of Russell’s abuse. In the series, Taylor revealed details of her abusive marriage and the time that followed. Taylor claimed irreconcilable differences in her July 2011 divorce filing. Until just one month after Russell’s passing, the couple stayed wed.

The blonde bombshell did find love again, however, when she met John Bluher. Though Taylor initially thought she would only be seeking some legal advice from John, in 2014, cupid shot his arrow and decided to give Taylor a second chance. At the time of their meeting, John was married with three children, but once his divorce was finalized, he popped the question to the mother of one. Taylor was given her happily ever after when they married in April 2014, and John adopted Taylor’s daughter.