On The Couch: Why Did GH’s Drew Cain Take The Fall For Carly?


We know the real reason for his big GH sacrifice.

We get it, Drew Cain, we get it; you love being a General Hospital hero. You’re a Navy Seal. You just got back from Greenland, where you…stood around, while Anna, Laura, and Holly did all the work. But you’re a stand-up guy.

On The Couch: Drew Cain

And you just stood up for Carly (Laura Wright). You’re off to prison for multiple years. While she gets to stay home and sob about how unfair it is that she has to take responsibility for her own actions, much less her crimes. Drew (Cameron Mathison) will be leaving behind his daughter, Scout. Why did he choose to make such a sacrifice? We plop Drew on our couch to find out why.

Holding Out for a GH Hero

Drew was literally bred to be a hero — body and soul. He lives to be the good guy, save lives, and make the ultimate sacrifices. Yet, that hasn’t worked out too well for him lately. First and foremost, he couldn’t save the life of his newfound son, Oscar (Garren Stitt). Oscar died from brain cancer despite his dad’s prayers. Drew couldn’t save Oscar’s mom, Kim (Tamara Braun), from descending into grief and madness. He let down the family he barely got the chance to enjoy.


Drew Cain: Second Life

Drew also couldn’t save Jason (Steve Burton), the father of Jake and Danny, two boys whom Drew loved like his own – and spent more actual time with than Jason. His own daughter, Scout, Drew missed years with because he was being held prisoner. Scout bonded with Jason, and then with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). She doesn’t need her hero-daddy.

General Hospital: Last Call

Carly needed Drew. She is literally the one person in Port Charles who does. So he did what he felt compelled to do. This wasn’t about Carly. This was about Oscar and Kim and Jason and Jake and Danny and Scout. Just don’t tell Carly that. Why burst her bubble?