New NCIS Spinoff Would Greatly Benefit From Returning To Where It All Began For The Franchise


The NCIS universe is expanding exponentially, but a new spinoff would work better by returning to where the franchise began. With NCIS season 22 on the way and new entries not slowing down, it’s a real surprise that CBS hasn’t set up a series that tips the hit back to the venerable show’s beginning. NCIS and its spinoffs stand the test of time because they are very rewatchable, so utilizing the past is a great way to keep the brand alive.

It’s a shame one aspect of the universe’s origins has been forgotten about as far as long-term shows go. The best future for NCIS is to delve into this rich history since it would be a great way to ensure the viability of another series. If CBS is open to it, a show linked to the origins of the NCIS franchise could be the logical next step.

An NCIS/JAG Spinoff Could Be The Best Future For The NCIS Franchise

NCIS Probably Wouldn’t Exist Without JAG

Although NCIS has produced several offshoots, many have forgotten the storyline actually started during JAG season 8. Without the backdoor pilot, there’s a good chance NCIS would never have been made. Given that NCIS remains a well-watched drama over 20 years later, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to delve back into the JAG universe for a new show featuring some former NCIS shared universe characters and blasts from the past.

With broadcast TV networks struggling to keep viewers invested in linear TV, welding two beloved franchises could be worthwhile. From a marketing standpoint alone, a joint JAG and NCIS series would get much attention, which should result in good enough viewership to sustain it for a long time. Plus, the potential show wouldn’t be the first time JAG characters have returned following its 2005 finale.


Catherine Bell & David James Elliott Reprised JAG Roles In NCIS: Los Angeles

Harm & Mac’s Story Is Far From Complete

Catherine Bell and David James Elliot were JAG’s biggest draws because of the continued questions about the relationship between Harmon Rabb Jr. and Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie. As a result, there was excitement when the pair shared the screen again in 2019 episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles. The best part of their reunion was that it revealed they had split up following the JAG series finale and hadn’t crossed paths in nine years. Instead of putting a pin in their relationship again, their NCIS: Los Angeles reunion left questions about whether they could get back together.

It was a great way to bring this excellent dynamic back and to tease a reunion. With NCIS: Los Angeles now canceled and Paramount focused on the original series, NCIS: Origins season 1, NCIS: Sydney season 2, and NCIS: Tony & Ziva season 1, there’s a gap in the market for a mash-up show featuring the two JAG characters and NCIS: Los Angeles alums. The project could also welcome some characters from other canceled NCIS offshoots.