I’m More Furious At Young Sheldon’s Cancelation After Missy Actor’s Ending Comment


After learning about what Raegan Revord has to say about Missy’s ending, I am more furious about Young Sheldon being canceled. It has just been a little over a month since the emotional Young Sheldon finale aired. While I do believe that George’s funeral is The Big Bang Theory universe’s best episode, I can’t help but think about the wasted potential of wrapping up the show prematurely. Young Sheldon was TV’s number 1 comedy for the fifth year, taking over TBBT’s spot. As Meemaw actor, Annie Potts called the cancelation, it was seemingly a stupid business move for CBS.

The reason for Young Sheldon’s cancelation had nothing to do with ratings but The Big Bang Theory canon. I know this because I spearheaded Screen Rant’s coverage of The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon for years. Long before we had an established base of readers, I was already writing about the shows, both for news and features. Naturally, I covered the Young Sheldon finale with extra gusto, knowing that it was the end of Sheldon’s 17-year run on TV. Despite the title, however, I remain fully convinced that CBS could have continued it past the boy genius’ exit.

Raegan Revord Isn’t Happy With Missy’s Young Sheldon Ending

Young Sheldon Didn’t Really Give Missy A Proper Send-Off

My feelings about Young Sheldon’s cancelation have already been skewed towards the negative side, but upon learning about Revord’s comment about the way it handled Missy’s end, I have become more furious about it. I like Missy. She’s one of my favorite characters in the show, and one hill I’m willing to die on is that Young Sheldon missed a big opportunity by underutilizing her. Young Sheldon season 6 attempted to fix this by giving her a proper arc, but by season 7, she was relegated back to a supporting character even though the rest of the ensemble’s roles had grown.

On the heels of the show, Revord admitted that she feels bad about Missy’s Young Sheldon end. She is heartbroken for her character, not only because she lost her dad, but because she was left with a mom that wasn’t capable of being a mother. In The Big Bang Theory, Missy was the least successful Cooper sibling (something that I already pointed out back in 2022). While Sheldon got a fresh start upon his move to California, and Georgie’s story will continue with Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage, Young Sheldon left Missy in such a horrible state.

It breaks my heart. She just doesn’t have it easy. Her whole life, she was kind of ignored because of her [twin] brother, and the one person who paid her attention died. She’s left with a grieving mom who probably [isn’t] there for her the way that she should have been because they’re all dealing with [George’s death] in their own way. Mary very much leans into her religion… and in Big Bang, Missy’s a waitress, she’s got all these kids [and] she’s the least successful Cooper kid.


Young Sheldon Continuing Could Have Given Missy Her Due

Missy Would Have Been The Perfect Protagonist Of The Coopers

Missy’s arc could have been rectified if Young Sheldon had continued. While the show’s creatives have argued that Sheldon’s move was the organic end of the show, what they failed to consider is that the prequel had long outgrown its premise as the boy genius origins story. A big part of that was because of their writing. In recent years, Sheldon’s storylines were less compelling than what the others were going through. Essentially, the Coopers’ story in Texas will continue via Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage, but Missy won’t be a regular, making it difficult to develop her story.

Georgie’s arc as a new father can concurrently progress with Missy’s more stereotypical experiences as a teen, while Sheldon could drop by from time to time.

Had Chuck Lorre and his team simply rebranded Young Sheldon to The Coopers, then CBS wouldn’t have to make this awkward transition to Georgie and Mandy’s spinoff. In The Coopers, the show could finally fully embrace the grounded storytelling that Young Sheldon leaned on the last couple of years. Georgie’s arc as a new father can concurrently progress with Missy’s more stereotypical experiences as a teen, while Sheldon could drop by from time to time. I am fully convinced that this was the perfect plan to continue Young Sheldon without breaking canon and that viewers would continue to tune in.

Can The Big Bang Theory Universe Make Up For Young Sheldon’s Missy Crime?

The Big Bang Theory Universe’s Options Are Currently Limited

Missy barely appeared in The Big Bang Theory, but based on her few appearances, she wasn’t exactly thrilled with her adult life. That said, Jim Parsons’ adult Sheldon narration in Young Sheldon did reveal that she eventually led a happy life after her final appearance in the nerd-centric sitcom. Still, it doesn’t carry that much weight, considering that it was just a passing statement with no additional information. As previously mentioned, Missy’s story can continue via Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage. Maybe after a cameo or two, CBS will change its mind and bring her in as a series regular.

If not, then that’s likely the end of the character. I find it strange that Missy’s final Young Sheldon scene was her being a goof. Not only was this uncharacteristic, but it also contradicted her final arc in the series, which was focused on her grief about George’s death. Somehow, that made Young Sheldon’s years of neglect worse.